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First Sneak Peek of Zendikar Rising at Comic-Con@Home

Magic: The Gathering Head designer Mark Rosewater will give the first sneak peek of Zendikar Rising at Comic-Con@Home starting 12 PM PT, the upcoming expansion to be released September 17, 2020.

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Here is the summary of the important points from video, thanks to the folks at the MagicTCG subreddit!

  • Sets up the history of Zendikar as a land based plane in exploring land matters mechanics, including history of Rise of Eldrazi being a major shift from Adventure world, and then Oath of the Gatewatch.
  • Zendikar Rising will aim to recapture the adventure plane Zendikar.
  • Is a land set with “a lot of cool lands”.
  • Full Art Basics return, as a staple of Zendikar.
  • Many years ago Mark made six dual lands that he tried to get into a set. Finally find a home here.
  • Brand new mechanic set – takes a popular theme that players like and twists it in a new way, “Zendikar’d it up” – a theme you’ve seen before but done in a new way.
  • Two returning mechanics, both have appeared in a Zendikar set (e.g. Landfall, Allies)
  • A bunch of legendary creatures will return, including one that gets another color! According to the product image, it looks like Omnath is also White.
  • Jace, Nissa, and Nahiri are the three Planeswalkers in this set as mentioned by Mark and depicted in the product image.

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Set Booster

  • There will be a brand new product called the “Set Booster”. Check out the full article from Wizards here and find out exactly what the boosters will contain.
  • Importantly, it contains cards from “The List”, which is a curated list from throughout Magic’s history. Cards from it will appear in 1 out of every 4 packs of the Set Booster and unfortunately will not be implemented on MTG Arena. Below are some example cards anyway:


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