January 2022 Arena Open Day 1 Alchemy 7 Win Decklists

January 2022 Arena Open Day 1 Alchemy 7 Win Decklists

The first day of the January 2022 Arena Open tournament is now underway! In this iteration of the tournament, players can reach 7 wins before 3 losses in a best-of-one (BO1) Standard format or 4 wins before 1 loss in best-of-three (BO3) to receive a token to compete in the second day for their chance to win up to $2000 USD in cash prizes.

The format for this month’s event is Alchemy, unchanged since its first introduction in December. Wizards of the Coast has reiterated their plans to make changes after the Arena Open and the Qualifier Weekend, with “boosts to some fun cards that aren’t getting much love right now, as well as adjustments for some current strategies”. you can read the full article here.

For now, here are the best decks in the format, with a lot of them built around the key new Alchemy cards such as Inquisitor Captain, Town-razer Tyrant, and Key to the Archive. Keep an eye out for the Day 2 decks tomorrow, as we find out decks are able to bring home thousands of dollars to their players!

7 Win Bo1 Alchemy Decklists

Below are the decklists from the community that managed to reach the maximum 7 wins in the event. We have showcased one deck from each archetype – please note that it is not a representation of the Alchemy metagame at large.

4 Win Bo3 Alchemy Decklists

Majority of the players are choosing Bo1 as it leaves some room for losses, but here are the Bo3 decks that brings a true test of skill.

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