Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Pack Themes and Contents

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons will be available as an event on MTG Arena starting from August 26, 2021 to September 9, 2021. For an entry fee of 2000 Gold or 400 Gems, you will be able to select two themed booster packs each containing 20 semi-predefined cards that are shuffled together into a deck to play with as much as you like. Each entry will also grant up to two additional Jumpstart-only rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs) per win.

The set contains 782 cards in total: 31 new cards exclusive to MTG Arena exploring digital gameplay, 372 reprints coming to MTG Arena for the first time, many from Modern Horizons I and II. The rest are selected from cards already in MTG Arena that fit into the theme of the booster pack. While the new cards introduced to MTG Arena will not be Standard legal, they will be introduced to the Historic card pool.

Pack Features

  • Number of themes: 46
  • Each pack contains 20 cards, including lands.
  • Select card slots in each packet have a chance to be filled with alternate cards that fit the packet theme. This means more card possibilities in each pack, and more variety for your decks every time you play.
  • Basic lands are automatically chosen based on the packets you choose, balanced for the costs and activated abilities on the spells in your packets.
  • You will also receive nonbasic lands for play based on the packets you choose. Cycling lands from Historic Anthology 2 (such as Secluded Steppe) for packets with one color and multicolor dual lands from Core Set 2020 (such as Dismal Backwater) for packets with multiple colors.

Pack Contents

Below is a list of all of the pack themes, as well as the key rares and mythic rares you will find in each pack. Use the search bar to quickly look for the theme, and click on the theme name for the full card list and find out what other cards (the commons and uncommons) are contained in the packs, as well as the chances of opening a particular card.

This will be a useful reference for players that wish to select packs that have cards that they do not already have and efficiently manage their collection. You cannot buy Jumpstart packs from the store, and though you will be able to redeem them for Wildcards.

Some packs also have more than one rare. Rare #1 are the guaranteed rares, but sometimes may be one of two possible ones. Rare #2 are not guaranteed in the pack slot. Click on the respective decks for the probabilities of opening them.

For example, if you select the “Sarkhan” theme, you have a 100% chance of opening a pack containing Sarkhan, Wanderer to Shiv, and a 33% chance of also getting Thunderbreak Regent. If you already have four copies of Kargan Dragonrider from your Core Set 2019 collection, it will add to your Vault total as a part of Duplicate Protection.

Pack Selection

The Jumpstart: Historic Horizons event will present you with three options for your first packet. All packets are equally likely to appear, with the exception that for your first packet at least one option will be a packet you’ve never selected in a previous run of the event (unless you’ve selected them all).

The options for the second packet are based on your first packet selection so that you won’t be in more than two colors (with the exception of the five-color packet discussed below). If your first packet selection was only one color, then your second packet options will be either a one-color packet or a two-color packet that includes the color of your first selected packet. If your first packet selection was two colors, then your second packet options will include one-color packets that are either of those colors or two-color packets that are the same two colors.

All of the packets within these constraints are equally likely to appear.

The exception is the five-color packet. If you pick the five-color packet as your first selection, all packets will be available as options for your second packet. The five-color packet can appear as an option for your second packet regardless of which packet you selected first. The five-color packet is just as likely to appear as any other valid.


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  1. mike says:

    Really appreciate your listing of rares and mythics, position and percentage. Looking forward to understanding all decklists. THANK YOU.

  2. rick says:

    Thank you for this! very insightful!

  3. Angelo Hurley says:

    Are we finally getting slivers omg I’ve been waiting for ever I’m so excited sooooooo excited

  4. Gino says:

    Finally EVERY deck has its own name.
    No more Sliver 1 Sliver2 Land3456

  5. Ale says:

    Nice work 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. Topei says:

    “All packets are equally likely to appear, with the exception that for your first packet at least one option will be a packet you’ve never selected in a previous run of the event (unless you’ve selected them all).”

    Are more details known, or is this all the information you got?

    There are several ways to make this happen — you could make it so that one fixed “slot” (out of 3) is a theme you haven’t picked before, or you could first generate 3 random themes, then check if one of those 3 is a theme you haven’t picked before, and then, if so, change one of the 3 slots correspondingly

  7. Dinão says:

    Thank you a lot! Really helped! Nice Work 🙂

  8. Delk says:

    Super thanks!!, another reason why am pleased being a Premium member.
    Pls keep these coming!

  9. Wil says:

    Just FYI, I did not get Serra the Benevolent from the Serra pack. I received Serra’s Emissary. Maybe they switched the Rare 1 and Rare 2 for that one beforee release?

  10. Glu says:

    Your write up is not correct. I did not get a choice that I had not selected in the First pack ( I have not selected all). I did get one that I had never gotten on my second pack though.

  11. Gavin Fitzgerald says:

    Thanks so much for this, much appreciated.
    I think you missed Squirrel Mob in the Squirrel pack.

  12. AverageBloom says:

    I haven’t gotten Seasoned Pyromancer from the Spellcasting pack, and I’ve chosen it twice now. Is it because it was the second pick both times?