Kaldheim Standard Decks from Day 1

Kaldheim release day is in full swing – players and content creators are having a blast experimenting with new powerful cards from the latest set.

Jund and Rakdos seem to be the primary focus of this early exploration. The newest red monster, Goldspan Dragon, is showing up in a variety of builds, varying from aggro to midrange to ramp style decks. A huge flying threat with haste that also provides some mana generation – it is indeed quite a flexible card.

Meanwhile, Rakdos aficionados enjoy the power of Valki, God of Lies. A useful two drop on the front side, and a strong planeswalker on the backside – once again, flexibility is the name of the game here. Valki is a power-card that will affect the game no matter the point in the match you drew it.

Among other card types, Sagas are coming back, and they will certainly be seeing a ton of play in these first few days. Waking the Trolls, Showdown of the Skalds, and Binding the Old Gods are finding their ways into various builds today. As for impactful instants with the new mechanic foretell, Saw It Coming and Behold the Multiverse looks like have fit right into the flash decks and some of the blue control decks of the format.

On this page, we have collected various lists by content creators and high-level players that we’ve seen today on the Ranked ladder. Remember that it’s too early to know which of these decks and ideas are worth investing your wildcards into – so if you’re on a budget, think twice about making any commitments.

Enjoy the Kaldheim experimentation, and we hope you’ll have fun in the new Standard!

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