Goldspan Dragon Art by Andrew Mar

Kaldheim Standard Decks from Day 2

Welcome to a brand new world of Standard! If you’ve missed it, we have more decklists you can try from day 1 and an updated Rakdos Sacrifice deck guide if you want something a bit more refined. This is the best time to be trying out new cards and brews before we see the powerful meta decks take over! Having said that, there’s no escaping powerful build around cards like Edgewall Innkeeper, Embercleave, Yorion, and the likes.

The second day shows more refined decklists and optimized sideboards, and the impression is that the new Sagas such as Binding the Old Gods and Showdown of the Skalds will also make an impact in this Standard. Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider and Goldspan Dragon look like they will be powerhouse Mythic Rares for the time being. We also have some great utility spells such as Poison the Cup, Saw It Coming and Behold the Multiverse being augmented into existing decks.

This weekend will see a few small tournaments take place, so let’s see how it all unfolds! As always, we will be continuously adding decks here until the end of the day as we find more.

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