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Alrund's Epiphany Art by Kieran Yanner

2021.01.00 Patch Notes – Kaldheim Game Update

Today’s major patch releases the Kaldheim expansion, injects a much needed set of cards into Standard, and releases on mobile for the first time! You can use this direct download link here and read more about the Android Early Access here. As with every update, there are also some bug fixes, event schedule (all the way up to the next set) and new items in the store as well as the Mastery Pass.

Remember to claim your three free packs by using the code PlayKaldheim in the in-game store (click here for more free codes). Check out the official notes below for all the details!

JAN 28 – 2021.01.00


  • Forge your legend! Kaldheim is now available on MTG Arena!
  • Android Early Access is here! MTG Arena now fits into your pocket!
    • Search for “Magic: The Gathering Arena” on the Google Play store using a supported Android phone.
    • Please Note: It may take several hours for the game to appear on the Google Play store, and may appear in some regions before others.
    • More details here are available, here – MTG Arena Mobile FAQ.


  • The matches left number in best-of-three draft no longer counts down for each game played in a match (visual issue only).
  • Split cards should no longer remain expanded when viewed in a browser.
    • You can once again escape your Kroxa without Claim // Fame getting in the way.!
  • Players can now reliably mouse over cards when they have a large number of cards in hand.
  • Opponent pets are back to sleeping correctly when muted.
  • In limited formats (Draft, Sealed), cards that allow you to get cards you own from outside the game now allow you to get basic lands.



Aegar, the Freezing Flame

  • With Aegar in play, MTG Arena will override your Auto Assign Combat Damage setting and prompt when appropriate, giving you a chance to trigger Aegar by adjusting the default combat damage assignments.

Alrund, God of the Cosmos

  • When prompted to choose a card type, by default only the card types in your starting deck will be listed.
    • You can always manually enter a different card type if you don’t want the prophecy to come true!

Ascendant Spirit

  • While you can always activate any of this card’s abilities for fun, if the Spirit doesn’t currently have the necessary creature type for an ability it won’t be highlighted.

Auto-Tap and Snow Sources! (e.g. Blessing of Frost, Boreal Outrider, etc.)

  • When casting a spell that cares about if mana from a snow source, or how much mana from a snow source was spent to cast it, Auto Tap will pause and give you a chance to manually pay for the spell as long as you have any untapped snow sources.
  • The Auto Pay button will maximize the amount of mana from snow sources for spells like Blessing of Frost, and attempt to get you a counter on your creature when you control a Boreal Outrider.

Cosima, God of the Voyage

Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, if Cosima is exiled, you may put a voyage counter on it. If you don’t, return Cosima to the battlefield with X +1/+1 counts on it and draw X cards, where X is the number of voyage counters on it.

  • Take Action: Card remains exiled, you put a voyage counter on it.
  • Decline: Return Cosima to the battlefield with X +1/+1 counts on it and draw X cards, where X is the number of voyage counters on it

Haunting Voyage, Crippling Fear, and Friends! (i.e. choose a creature type)

  • When prompted to choose a creature type, the default choices listed should usually have the creature type you are looking for. For example, Haunting Voyage will list the creature types in your graveyard.

Niko Aris

  • If your opponent’s Niko deals 2 damage to tapped tapped creatures with their first -1 loyalty ability, the ability on the stack will have a count badge with the number of cards your opponent has drawn this turn with a “x2” modifier to clarify that the ability will do twice that much damage.

Old-Growth Troll

  • Updates were made to Auto-Tap to make it more likely to leave an Old-Growth Troll enchanted forest untapped.
    • You never know when you might need another troll


  • Players can use the search expression: -?booster e:KHM to locate the Set and Theme Booster Additional Cards from Kaldheim in MTG Arena.
    • Please Note: These cards cannot be opened in Kaldheim boosters or received from individual card rewards (ICRs); they can be crafted using a wildcard of the appropriate rarity.
  • The Kaldheim Mastery Pass also contains a playset of each of the rare cards as part of its rewards.


Glittering Frost

  • Manually tapping a land enchanted with Glittering Frost may cause the game to lock up. We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

Boreal Outrider

  • Pay with Snow Button Appears with Boreal Outrider in play even if doing so provides no effect.



  • The VFX for a creature with an Exert ability who has been declared an attacker but not exerted are now more pronounced.
  • Adjusted the position on Opponent’s emotes so they should no longer cover their (the opponent’s) life total.
  • Updated loading tips for mobile!


Premier Drafts

  • January 29 – April 16: Kaldheim
  • March 12 – March 26: War of the Spark
  • March 26 – April 2: Core Sets

Quick Draft Schedule

  • January 29 – February 12: Zendikar Rising
  • February 12 – February 26: Kaldheim
  • February 26 – March 12: Theros Beyond Death
  • March 12 – April 2: Kaldheim
  • April 2 – April 16: Throne of Eldraine

FNM at Home Schedule

  • February 5: Treasure Singleton
    • This is a change to the previously scheduled event.
  • February 12: Standard
  • February 19: Momir

Additional Events

  • January 29 – February 19: Kaldheim Sealed
  • January 29 – April 16: Kaldheim Traditional Draft
  • February 6 – February 9: Standard Metagame Challenge
  • February 12 – February 19: Traditional Kaldheim Sealed
  • February 13 – February 16: Kaldheim Constructed



Take part in the epic Saga of Kaldheim! New Booster Packs, new Set Mastery Pass, new Showcase Bundles, and more!


Full Art Snow Lands Bundle

Cost: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

Kaldheim Borderless Planeswalker Bundle

Cost: 1,280 Gems or 6,400 Gold

Kaldheim Borderless Pathway Bundle

Cost: 800 Gems or 4,000 Gold

Gods of Kaldheim Showcase Bundle

Cost: 1,800 Gems or 9,000 Gold

Heroes of Kaldheim Showcase Bundle

Cost: 1,680 Gems or 8,400 Gold

Monsters of Kaldheim Showcase Bundle

Cost: 2,400 Gems or 12,000 Gold

Card Styles

Now available for purchase through the Deckbuilder:

Depth Art:

Relic Vial
Taborax, Hope’s Demise
Relic Amulet
Skyclave Relic
Relic Axe
Throne of Makindi
Beyeen Coast
Pelakka Predation
Beyeen Veil
Sejiri Shelter
Kazuul’s Cliffs
Kazuul’s Fury
Khalni Ambush
Khalni Territory
Makindi Mesas
Makindi Stampede
Pelakka Caverns
Sejiri Glacier
Silundi Isle
Silundi Vision
Song-Mad Ruins
Song-Mad Treachery
Vastwood Fortification
Vastwood Thicket
Zof Bloodbog
Zof Consumption
Bala Ged Recovery
Jwari Disruption
Kabira Takedown
Malakir Rebirth
Spikefield Hazard
Bala Ged Sanctuary
Jwari Ruins
Kabira Plateau
Malakir Mire
Spikefield Cave
Akoum Teeth
Blackbloom Bog
Skyclave Basilica
Tangled Vale
Umara Skyfalls
Akoum Warrior
Blackbloom Rogue
Skyclave Cleric
Tangled Florahedron
Umara Wizard
Akiri, Fearless Voyager
Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager
Kaza, Roil Chaser
Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate
Orah, Skyclave Hierophant
Phylath, World Sculptor
Verazol, the Split Current
Yasharn, Implacable Earth
Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats
Zareth San, the Trickster
Bubble Snare
Drana’s Silencer
Expedition Champion
Nahiri’s Binding
Nissa’s Zendikon
Cunning Geysermage
Ghastly Gloomhunter
Gnarlid Colony
Scorch Rider
Shepherd of Heroes
Canopy Baloth
Expedition Diviner
Oblivion’s Hunger
Synchronized Spellcraft
Tazeem Raptor
Blood Beckoning
Dauntless Unity
Into the Roil
Reclaim the Wastes
Roil Eruption
Agadeem, the Undercrypt
Emeria, Shattered Skyclave
Sea Gate, Reborn
Shatterskull, the Hammer Pass
Turntimber, Serpentine Wood
Agadeem’s Awakening
Emeria’s Call
Sea Gate Restoration
Shatterskull Smashing
Turntimber Symbiosis
Glasspool Shore
Kazandu Valley
Hagra Broodpit
Ondu Skyruins
Valakut Stoneforge
Glasspool Mimic
Hagra Mauling
Kazandu Mammoth
Ondu Inversion
Valakut Exploration
Inscription of Abundance
Inscription of Insight
Inscription of Ruin
Magmatic Channeler
Maul of the Skyclaves

Leaving Soon

  • Bjorn the Bear Pet
  • Theros Stargazing: Heliod Sleeve
  • Theros Stargazing: Thassa Sleeve
  • Theros Stargazing: Eribos Sleeve
  • Theros Stargazing: Purphoros Sleeve
  • Theros Stargazing: Nylea Sleeve
  • Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Sleeve


  • Logging into the same account on different devices should no longer cause a disconnect loop.
  • In the horizontal deckbuilder mode, the Companion slot should no longer incorrectly say “Commander”.
  • The “orange dot” indicator on the Mastery Pass tab should now correctly display if players have orbs left to spend.
  • Puppet Jace’s audio should no longer get tuck in a loop.
  • This isn’t actually a bug fix but a card in this set has PROTECTION FROM GODS. That rules.
  • Fixed a bug with Kaladesh Remastered sealed events that could in rare cases stop a player from being able to edit their deck.
  • We now prevent a confusing double pop-up when crafting a banned or Historic card.
  • In Deck Builder, cards can no longer scroll outside the horizontal view when you have large stacks.
  • Reminder text on modal double-faced cards show now correctly display in all supported languages.

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