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Landfall Zendikar Plane-cation Chronicles Event Guide and Decklists

The final destination for the MTG Arena Plane-cation Chronicles event is Zendikar! This week features a new format dubbed Landfall. This event completes the promotional Unhinged full art land set - read on for event details, rewards, tips, strategies, and decklists.

The final destination for the MTG Arena Plane-cation Chronicles event is Zendikar! This week features a new format dubbed Landfall and completes the promotional Unhinged full art land set. Read on for event details, rewards, tips, strategies, and decklists in our exclusive guide.

Event Information

  • Duration: August 25 2019 to August 28 2019
    • Start: August 25 2019 8 AM PT (15:00 UTC)
    • Sign up End: August 28 2019 8 AM PT (15:00 UTC)
    • End: August 28 2019 11 AM PT (18:00 UTC)
  • Format: Landfall
  • Cost: Free
  • Match Structure: Single matches (BO1)
  • Rewards: New Basic Land Art that can be used in any of your decks for cumulative wins (up to 6) throughout the event duration as below:
WinsRewardReward 2
1Island (ROE) 2351000 Mastery XP
2Swamp (ROE) 237
3Mountain (ROE) 242
4Forest (ROE) 245
5Plains (ROE) 229
6Plains (ANA) 56

Note: Even if you do happen to miss these Plane-cation events, it will still be possible to purchase these after the event ends. Further details (date of availability and cost) are yet to be announced.

What is Landfall?

Zedikar - Landfall Event

Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, get a small effect based off the top card of your library!

Rock and roil, baby! With so much wild wonder, even the land seems alive. But the wildwood isn’t the only thing stirring on this plane. This place is sure to awaken your adventurer’s spirit so pack accordingly!

Landfall Satchel Emblem

For this event, each player starts the game with the Landfall Satchel emblem that reads, “Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, exile the top card of your library. If that card is a land card, put it into your hand. If that card is a creature card, put that card on the bottom of your library and create a 1/1 green Plant creature token. If that card is a noncreature, nonland card, put that card on the bottom of your library, each opponent loses 1 life, and you gain 1 life.”

There are no other special rules or banned cards for this event (other than Rampaging Ferocidon and Nexus of Fate of course), you are free to build a 60 card minimum deck with all the available cards in MTG Arena.

Building Your Landfall Deck – Tips and Strategies

Let’s look at some fun ways we can use the Landfall Satchel Emblem ability to our advantage. As with previous constructed events though, you could probably just use the deck you normally play and do just fine.

1. Deck Composition

The emblem rewards the player for the following scenarios whenever a land comes into play, which is similar to the Explore mechanic:

  • Land: Put it into your hand
  • Creature: Create a 1/1 Plant token
  • Non-creature: Each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life

To have an advantage over your opponent, your deck should have a higher proportion of a card type (i.e. creatures or non-creature cards) than usual. For example, a Mono Red Aggro deck consisting of half creatures and half spells might fare worse than 25% creatures and 75% burn spells as it helps your strategy of dealing direct damage to your opponent.

It all depends on what your deck is trying to do, but take this into account when building your deck.

2. Ramp Synergy

The most obvious strategy to go for this event would be to run green in your decks to trigger the emblem as much as possible. There are a few popular examples in Standard that utilize this strategy – Elementals and Scapeshift. The main goal in this event would be to find a suitable win condition for the abundance of lands you will have on the battlefield and in your hand.

3. Token Synergy

The above cards can work especially well for this event for decks heavier in creatures, as the 1/1 Plant tokens would trigger the abilities. Aristocrat style decks would equally work well here, as the emblem generates free tokens for us to sacrifice. Unfortunately, Yarok the Desecrated does not trigger another instance of the emblem ability as it is not a permanent, but it will trigger other abilities triggered by the Plant tokens.

4. Disruption

It’s always tricky trying to find ways to interact with your opponents in these types of events – a lot of the time, it’s just not worth the card that ends up slowing you down. However, if it fits your overall strategy of the deck they can be used with great success. For example, Tibalt, Rakish Instigator prevents the lifegain from the emblem, and Goblin Chainwhirler kills all the opponent’s plant tokens.

If we are anticipating Scapeshift decks, we can still use cards like Deputy of Detention, Ashiok, Dream Render to try and hate against the deck. However, cards like Blood Sun will not prevent the emblem from triggering, as the ability is not coming from the land itself.

Our Top Landfall Decklist Choices

Make sure to check out our decklists for the previous constructed formats, as they can be easily used for this event with success also.

If you have any decks you’d like to be featured here – send us your decklists for this event!

Mono Red Cavalcade – Landfall

We have Light up the Stage back from last week’s ban, and the 1/1 Plant token generated from the emblem makes Cavalcade of Calamity hard to resist to play, yet again. This list has been tuned to have more creature spells. Just a note, the loss of life triggered by the emblem does not buff Chandra’s Spitfire and prevents this deck from being truly overpowered!

4 Chandra, Acolyte of Flame (M20) 126
4 Chandra's Spitfire (M20) 132
4 Fanatical Firebrand (RIX) 101
4 Legion Warboss (GRN) 109
2 Scampering Scorcher (M20) 158
4 Scorch Spitter (M20) 159
4 Tin Street Dodger (RNA) 120
4 Torch Courier (GRN) 119
2 Lightning Strike (M19) 152
4 Cavalcade of Calamity (RNA) 95
20 Mountain (XLN) 273
4 Light Up the Stage (RNA) 107

Rakdos Aggro – Landfall

Rakdos has been a popular archetype for these events, and is also proving to be one here as we get extra tokens off our land drops to sacrifice. Mayhem Devil is also good here as we may play against more Scapeshift decks here than usual due to the nature of the event. The list has also been refined slightly to allow for more creatures.

4 Dreadhorde Butcher (WAR) 194
4 Fanatical Firebrand (RIX) 101
4 Footlight Fiend (RNA) 216
2 God-Eternal Bontu (WAR) 92
3 Judith, the Scourge Diva (RNA) 185
3 Mayhem Devil (WAR) 204
4 Midnight Reaper (GRN) 77
4 Priest of Forgotten Gods (RNA) 83
2 Cast Down (DAR) 81
2 The Flame of Keld (DAR) 123
4 Chandra, Acolyte of Flame (M20) 126
4 Blood Crypt (RNA) 245
4 Dragonskull Summit (XLN) 252
8 Mountain (GRN) 263
6 Swamp (GRN) 262
2 Mask of Immolation (M20) 151

Temur Elementals – Landfall

An obvious deck that would be powerful in this format that exploits Risen Reef – high on creature count and able to ramp out lands non-stop. The inclusion of Cavalier of Flames allows your Plant tokens to run over your enemies for an alpha strike. Otherwise, the deck plays much like your standard deck.

3 Cavalier of Thorns (M20) 167
2 Hydroid Krasis (RNA) 183
4 Leafkin Druid (M20) 178
4 Llanowar Elves (M19) 314
4 Omnath, Locus of the Roil (M20) 216
4 Risen Reef (M20) 217
4 Jadelight Ranger (RIX) 136
1 Mass Manipulation (RNA) 42
1 Chandra, Awakened Inferno (M20) 127
2 Nissa, Who Shakes the World (WAR) 169
4 Breeding Pool (RNA) 246
4 Forest (GRN) 264
4 Hinterland Harbor (DAR) 240
2 Island (GRN) 261
1 Rootbound Crag (XLN) 256
4 Steam Vents (GRN) 257
4 Stomping Ground (RNA) 259
2 Temple of Epiphany (M20) 253
1 Temple of Mystery (M20) 255
4 Wildgrowth Walker (XLN) 216
1 Cavalier of Flame (M20) 125

Naya Feather – Landfall

Boros Feather is already a great deck in Standard which you can also use without much tinkering. This deck is fantastic in this event as all the free spells you get to cast with Feather, the Redeemed in play allows you to deal damage to your opponent at the same time. We think this Naya version is also fun and powerful to play. It can win games out of nowhere.

4 Season of Growth (M20) 191
4 Clifftop Retreat (DAR) 239
4 Feather, the Redeemed (WAR) 197
3 Sunpetal Grove (XLN) 257
4 Dreadhorde Arcanist (WAR) 125
4 Tenth District Legionnaire (WAR) 222
4 Reckless Rage (RIX) 110
2 Shock (M19) 156
4 Defiant Strike (WAR) 9
4 Gods Willing (M20) 19
2 Collision // Colossus (RNA) 223
2 Thorn Lieutenant (M19) 203
4 Sacred Foundry (GRN) 254
4 Temple Garden (GRN) 258
2 Temple of Triumph (M20) 257
4 Stomping Ground (RNA) 259
1 Plains (XLN) 261
1 Rootbound Crag (XLN) 256
2 Domri's Ambush (WAR) 192
1 Healing Grace (DAR) 20
1 Sheltering Light (XLN) 35

Jeskai Superfriends – Landfall

This deck is not hosed by Teferi, Time Raveler, and has nothing but non-creature spells to pressure your opponent’s life total.

3 Opt (DAR) 60
4 Shock (M20) 160
1 Spell Pierce (XLN) 81
1 Cleansing Nova (M19) 9
4 Deafening Clarion (GRN) 165
2 Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor (WAR) 56
1 Chandra, Awakened Inferno (M20) 127
2 Karn, Scion of Urza (DAR) 1
4 Narset, Parter of Veils (WAR) 61
3 Saheeli, Sublime Artificer (WAR) 234
4 Sarkhan the Masterless (WAR) 143
1 Teferi, Hero of Dominaria (DAR) 207
4 Teferi, Time Raveler (WAR) 221
2 Clifftop Retreat (DAR) 239
4 Glacial Fortress (XLN) 255
4 Hallowed Fountain (RNA) 251
4 Interplanar Beacon (WAR) 247
1 Island (GRN) 261
1 Plains (GRN) 260
4 Sacred Foundry (GRN) 254
4 Steam Vents (GRN) 257
1 Sulfur Falls (DAR) 247
1 Dovin's Veto (WAR) 193

Selesnya Aggro – Landfall

Not much explaining needed here, we wanted to make use of the Plant tokens. Elvish Reclaimer seems decent here, but you can replace it with any other one-drop (like Legion’s Landing, Dauntless Bodyguard).

2 Emmara, Soul of the Accord (GRN) 168
3 Trostani Discordant (GRN) 208
4 Venerated Loxodon (GRN) 30
4 March of the Multitudes (GRN) 188
4 Raise the Alarm (M20) 34
4 Flower // Flourish (GRN) 226
2 Conclave Tribunal (GRN) 6
4 History of Benalia (DAR) 21
4 Woodland Champion (M20) 205
3 Forest (GRN) 264
10 Plains (GRN) 260
4 Sunpetal Grove (XLN) 257
4 Temple Garden (GRN) 258
4 Elvish Reclaimer (M20) 169
4 Benalish Marshal (DAR) 6

Sultai Yarok Field – Landfall

For those that want to use Field of the Dead for this event, here is a really good version that does not rely on Scapeshift. This is Jeff Hoogland’s deck that he took to the second day of the Mythic Championship Qualifier to great success. There is not much to change here as the deck is already so streamlined, but Nexus of Fate is banned here, so Jace, Wielder of Mysteries gives us another alternate win condition should the Risen Reefs strip our whole deck away!

1 Tamiyo, Collector of Tales (WAR) 220
4 Arboreal Grazer (WAR) 149
4 Cavalier of Thorns (M20) 167
4 Elvish Rejuvenator (M19) 180
4 Risen Reef (M20) 217
4 Yarok, the Desecrated (M20) 220
3 Thought Erasure (GRN) 206
1 Jace, Wielder of Mysteries (WAR) 54
2 Disfigure (M20) 95
3 Assassin's Trophy (GRN) 152
1 Arch of Orazca (RIX) 185
1 Blast Zone (WAR) 244
1 Dismal Backwater (M20) 245
1 Drowned Catacomb (XLN) 253
1 Field of Ruin (XLN) 254
1 Forest (WAR) 264
1 Island (WAR) 255
1 Jungle Hollow (M20) 248
1 Memorial to Folly (DAR) 242
1 Memorial to Genius (DAR) 243
1 Simic Guildgate (WAR) 274
1 Swamp (WAR) 258
1 Thornwood Falls (M20) 258
1 Woodland Cemetery (DAR) 248
2 Breeding Pool (RNA) 246
2 Hinterland Harbor (DAR) 240
2 Overgrown Tomb (GRN) 253
2 Temple of Malady (M20) 254
2 Temple of Mystery (M20) 255
2 Watery Grave (GRN) 259
4 Field of the Dead (M20) 247

Dimir Control – Landfall

This is a highly customizable control deck composed of primarily non-creature spells that is consistent and can grind out wins.

2 Liliana, Dreadhorde General (WAR) 97
4 Narset, Parter of Veils (WAR) 61
3 God-Eternal Kefnet (WAR) 53
3 Cry of the Carnarium (RNA) 70
1 Drawn from Dreams (M20) 56
2 Enter the God-Eternals (WAR) 196
4 Legion's End (M20) 106
4 Thought Erasure (GRN) 206
1 Negate (M20) 69
1 Ritual of Soot (GRN) 84
4 Opt (XLN) 65
3 Vraska's Contempt (XLN) 129
2 Search for Azcanta (XLN) 74
1 Dismal Backwater (M20) 245
4 Drowned Catacomb (XLN) 253
9 Island (XLN) 265
7 Swamp (XLN) 269
4 Watery Grave (GRN) 259
1 Ugin, the Ineffable (WAR) 2

Wrapping Up

This concludes our event guide series for the Plane-cation Chronicles – we hope you found them useful! It’s a pity that Pauper was left out contrary to the initial announcement, but hopefully it will still come in one of the special Mastery XP catch up events. We plan to continue this series of guides for future events, so keep your eyes peeled.

On another note, as we prepare for the release of Throne of Eldraine, we will be working behind-the-scenes and try and come up with ideas for MTG Arena articles and guides. If you have any suggestions for the type of content you’d like to see, you can contact us on our social channels on Discord or Twitter, email us, or leave a comment below! Your contribution and feedback is what drives us.

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