MaRo's Unfinity Mega-Teaser Has Arrived

MaRo’s Unfinity Mega-Teaser Has Arrived

Even though spoilers for Warhammer 40,000 has just concluded, Magic: The Gathering’s next Un-set, Unfinity, is set to be released on October 7, 2022 after some delay. The perpetual spoiler season means that previews will start this week from September 20, and as tradition goes, MTG’s head designer Mark Rosewater (often shortened to MaRo) gives us a bit of a teaser about what we can expect from the set over on his Tumblr, Blogatog.

Earlier in late August during Comic Con, we’ve seen what the set entails, and the big talking point was the new Sticker mechanic being spilled over to sanctioned eternal formats such as Legacy. This is unprecedented for an Un-set, which has not invaded the competitive Magic space until now.

With all that side, let’s take a look at everything MaRo will be teasing about the set so far, which is dubbed a “Mega-Teaser” – containing tonnes of information, including rules text, remind text, creature types, and more:

Maro’s Mega-Teaser for Unfinity

Before previews for Unfinity officially begin, I thought it would be fun to do another of my Duelist-style teasers where I give tiny hints of things to come. Note that I’m only giving you partial information. Because Unfinity is filled with more strangeness than the average set, I’m doing a mega-teaser where I tease even more than normal.

First up, here are some things you can expect:

  • a card that can become over five hundred different cards for the turn
  • a card that enchants your graveyard
  • a card which requires you to use pantomime
  • an enchantment subtype appears on an artifact for the first time
  • a new subgame card in a color that’s never had one
  • a card that can make one of five different artifact tokens that each don’t do anything
  • an outside assistance card where the person assisting doesn’t even know
  • a common command
  • over ten new named abilities including best in show, gear up, and parade!
  • a card that can make multiple Storm Crow tokens
  • a cycle of “fill in the blank” cards
  • multiple cards that let you win a prize
  • a creature ability gets converted to a land ability
  • a planeswalker that doesn’t do what you say
  • a card that makes flying Cat tokens
  • a cycle of cards that care about certain objects you can see from your seat
  • another spell that lets you open a booster pack
  • a card that gives you a resource to pay costs that no card has ever granted before
  • a card that asks an outside person to rate something on a scale from 1 to 5
  • between cards and stickers, over twenty-five nonevergreen/nondeciduous mechanics are returning

Next, here are some rules text that will be showing up on cards:

  • “An opponent tells you a statement about themselves and secretly notes whether it’s true or false.”
  • “Each player in an Un-game who can hear you may bid life.”
  • “where X is the greatest number of stored results on it of the same value.”
  • “except by creatures with flavor text”
  • “for each item in its art that’s not touching CARDNAME, another item, or the card frame.”
  • “As long as CARDNAME remains tapped, that effect doesn’t end.”
  • “As CARDNAME enters the battlefield, choose a word with five or more letters.”
  • “target non-Brushwagg creature”
  • “Ask a person outside the game to choose which of them is most like a rock band.”
  • “using the first letters of the names of permanents you control,”
  • “As long as three or more hands are touching CARDNAME,”
  • “first strike and a sword, vigilance and a shield, menace and mean eyes”
  • “with the same artist and different names”
  • “with #GuessThatMagicCard and no other text.”
  • “any number of printed Clown Robot tokens that aren’t touching each other, that you hid on the battlefield”
  • “choose A through M or N through Z.”
  • “If the cracks in CARDNAME’s art are completely covered,”
  • “An opponent chooses ‘the fastest’, ‘the scariest’ or ‘the weakest.’”
  • “As CARDNAME enters the battlefield, choose a named Magic character.”
  • “When you draw yourself, you win the game.”

Here is some reminder text that appears in the set:

  • Anything with two or more capitalized words in its name that begin with the same letter is alliterative.”
  • A top is an outerwear garment worn on the upper body.”
  • the card, not your head”
  • They can’t be blocked except by creatures with horsemanship.”
  • Align the tops of both cards to check.”
  • Don’t explain anything else. You choose targets.”
  • This creature has first strike as long as it’s blocking or being blocked by a creature that comes after it alphabetically.”
  • The vowels are A, E, I, O, U, and Y.”
  • This spell costs 1 less to cast for each Clown you control.”
  • It has their total power, total toughness, combined mana costs, all text boxes, names, art, and so on.”
  • Something is hot if it has hot things in its art, like fire or explosions.”
  • CARDNAME divides the battlefield into alpha, beta, and gamma sectors.”
  • Each time you gobble, take a bit of food or sacrifice a Food token.”
  • You can have two commanders if both have partner.”
  • It becomes 2/2, then 1/1, ½ / ½ , and so on.”
  • about 0.3 meters
  • Creatures in a log together can’t be blocked unless they’re all blocked.”
  • Don’t touch other people’s phones without permission and be careful if you do.”
  • Places everyone! The first creature in line gets +0/+0.”
  • They continue to exist after they leave the battlefield.”

Finally, here are some creature type lines in the set:

  • Creature – Rat Rogue
  • Creature – Alien Insect
  • Artifact Creature – Clown Robot Mime
  • Creature – Dog Employee
  • Creature – Beeble
  • Creature – Frog Guest
  • Creature – Human Hatificer Assassin
  • Creature – Alien Squirrel
  • Creature – Minotaur Child Guest
  • Creature – Porcupine Performer
  • Creature – Dinosaur Employee
  • Creature – Zombie Coward Guest
  • Artifact Creature – Plant Mutant Food
  • Legendary Creature – Devil Performer
  • Legendary Creature – Human Gamer
  • Legendary Creature – Alien Ooze
  • Legendary Creature – Human Pilot Employee
  • Legendary Creature – Elephant Mouse Performer
  • Legendary Creature – Human Clown Artificer
  • Legendary Artifact Creature – Robot

Tune in tomorrow (Tuesday, September 20) on the official Magic YouTube channel or at 9AM to watch WeeklyMTG where we’ll kickoff the week-long Unfinity preview. Blake Rasmussen and I will talk through the set including showing off Attractions and a number of exciting preview cards. Hope you can join us!

With that, here are all the cards, attractions, and sticker sheets revealed from Unfinity so far so we can speculate!