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All Unfinity Spoilers and Sticker Sheet Cards from Mark Rosewater’s SDCC Panel (Updated)

Unfinity is Magic: The Gathering’s next “Un-set”, the fifth one in the series, to be released on October 7, 2022. Originally slated for April this year, it was delayed due to ongoing supply chain complications. This humorous set mixes retro-style science fiction with space circus, amusement park and carnival tropes. You can read more about the set here from the original announcement back in November 2021.

At the San Diego Comic-Con International, Magic head designer Mark Rosewater presented a “Live Blogatog“, answering the audience’s questions about the making of Magic and revealing new, never-before-seen cards, mechanics, and more from the upcoming Unfinity release!

New Cards and Sticker Sheets

An important thing to note about this set is that although it is not planned to be coming to MTG Arena, it has eternal-legal (Vintage, Legacy, Commander, and Pauper) cards that can be played on MTGO, for instance. The “fun” cards are marked with an Acorn holostamp, that replaces the “silver border” from previous Un-sets that denotes their format legality. This includes cards that use the new Sticker mechanic to customize your cards! Each draft booster comes with a sticker card, similar to sticky office notes (easy to peel, not damaging to cards). Check them all out below:


Tickets are another mechanic being introduced, that come with Attractions that represent all the rides and activities at Unfinity’s retro-sci-fi-space-carnival. As to what they do exactly, will be revealed later.


Cards in text format directly from Mark Rosewater:

More About the Sticker Sheets

Mark Rosewater explains in more detail on how the Sticker Sheets work. There are 48 in total, and work similarly to the perpetual mechanic in MTG Arena, although the stickers don’t stay on the card if they go back into the library or hand.


A small selection of some of the card art that Mark showed off:

Panel Coverage

Reddit user bananahead1234 has kindly provided the questions and answers provided at the panel, as well as a gallery of the slideshow:

Unstable did so well it was printed 4 times which is very good for a magic set. Someone else in wizards asked Maro if he wanted to make another unset.

Rather then making a faction set like unstable he wanted to make a top down set. They thought of retro science fiction and circus/amusement park/carnival as themes. So they decided to do both. The idea is that it is a space carnival that travels from planet to planet.

Planetary basics slightly more common then orbital ones. 30 legendary creatures will be in the set. All the legends will have booster fun versions. Had artist make the art then sent the completed art to another to make the booster fun art.

~1/4 of the rares and mythic rares will be eternal playable. If commons and uncommons have no stamp they are eternal legal. Rare and mythic rares will have the regular stamp if they are eternal legal.

254 cards because of shock lands. 302 with playable game objects in packs. Packs are 14 cards and 1 playable game object.

Cards will have stickers. The delay was due to the company that makes glue for the cards went out of business and they needed to find a new company. The glue is like post it note glue so it won’t hurt the card and reusable.

There are four types of stickers -name stickers(3 per sticker card) -art stickers (3) of things you can get in the park. (Hats matter for the set) -ability stickers (2) -P/T stickers (2) To use stickers you need to pay that cost in tickets for stickers with ticket costs.

48 sticker cards. Only power and toughness stickers repeat. 96 slots for each sticker type. 1 sticker sheet per booster pack instead of a common.

How do they work. Some cards let you sticker and you can only sticker your own non-land permanents. Most cards that let you sticker give you tickets. Cheapest ticket cost is 2 for stickers. Tickets are like energy, you are not forced to spend them and you can build them up. Some cards are specific stickers to sticker while others are general.

Set has cards that care about names and art. There are also cards that care if a card is stickered. Cards can only have one p/t sticker but you can sticker over it. Name art and ability are not restricted. Need to do your best to have them all on the card. Stickers stay on for any public zone. They go back to the sticker card for hidden zones like deck or hand. Stickers that go back to your sticker sheet can be used again.

Most sticker cards are eternal. In constructed you choose 10 unique sticker cards and randomly pick 3 per game. For playing casually there will be a tool to pick 3 random sticker cards online. Limited you get what you open, they aren’t drafted.

There are also going to be attractions. 2 main mechanics are attractions and stickers. Also dice rolling and outside assistance. Only frames were shown for attractions as he couldn’t spoil everything.

For theming there are a bunch of different aliens but blorbians? Are the main ones. Rex nebula accidentally backed into and destroyed their planet. All clowns are robots but not all robots are clowns. They all do one function really well. Robot tribal is a thing (R/W). For technology there are sci-fi tropes but lots of magic the gathering creatures. All stores run by vampires.

Carnivals need a prize wall. IP of the park is magic. Caricature making robot. Pie eating contest. Lots of magic jokes in the set. Owner of the park wants things to be exciting. Pins that are references of different cards.

Water gun ballon games is the release day event promo. Foil shock land box topper for all boxes. Collector boosters have galaxy foils.

Edit:There is going to be a dice rolling archetype and most if not all dice rolling cards will be eternal legal.

Edit2:There were also two more cards he spoiled after I made this post but they are in the Imgur album I posted. Reddit’s 10 image limit per post could t handle the full might of Maro’s presentation.

Album link:


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