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MTG Arena Brawl Codes to be Released from Magic Weekend


Many players are waiting for new formats to play on a regular basis other than Standard – with Historic and Brawl being the two eagerly anticipated ones to be officially introduced to MTG Arena any time soon. Brawl is due to come sometime in October as per the September State of the Game schedule.

This may be correlated with the upcoming Magic Weekend on October 26 to 27 – which are tabletop Magic: The Gathering events held in local game stores on a seasonal basis for each new expansion, and Throne of Eldraine’s format also happens to be Brawl. Players will get a MTG Arena code for participating in this event a week later:

Around October 31, about one week after Magic Weekend Brawl, we’ll send your participants a Magic Arena code that will unlock for one copy each of Command Tower, Tome of Legends, and Arcane Signet, plus a card style for each one. (A card style is like an alternate art/frame/etc. that you can turn on and off in the game.)

Source: Arena Codes at Magic Weekend: 2 Questions You’ll Probably Get

Eligible players will thus be receiving a copy of each of the above cards, and their respective card styles. We can then hope to expect a related MTG Arena Brawl event to happen around this time frame. We will keep everybody updated as soon as we know more. We have some exciting Brawl decks we want to share with you!

Message you get when you try to craft the card style for Command Tower.

Remember that you can view all free codes you can redeem for free cards and card styles at our dedicated codes section:

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