MTG Arena Historic Decks – Metagame Tier List: October 2020


Our MTG Arena Historic metagame tier list ranks and reviews the top decks in the format regularly. For each archetype, there will be:

  • A brief description of the archetype, and if any, a link to the full deck guide with a more detailed overview.
  • How it matches up against the other decks in respect to its ranking on the tier list.
  • Link to the archetype page, where you can find the best and latest decklists representing them.

Historic Tier List – October, 2020

Here is a summary of the best decks representing Historic below, which you can also find this at our metagame page. We base the ranking based on various sources such as tournament results, data from third-party applications, ladder experience and in curated by the following expert players with commentary below:

Key CardTierArchetypeColorDecksGuides
standard-archetype-rakdos-sacrifice1Jund SacrificeDecksGuide
dom-207-teferi-hero-of-dominaria2Azorius ControlDecksGuide
jmp-116-kor-spiritdancer3Azorius AurasDecksGuide
thb-229-uro-titan-of-nature-s-wrath1Sultai MidrangeDecks
war-125-dreadhorde-arcanist2Rakdos ArcanistDecksGuide
war-206-neoform2Temur Neoform ComboDecks
hou-161-god-pharaoh-s-gift3Mono Black GiftDecksGuide
standard-gruul-aggro1Gruul AggroDecks
akh-148-soul-scar-mage2Mono Red AggroDecks
thb-229-uro-titan-of-nature-s-wrath1Four-Color MidrangeDecks

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4 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    I’d argue that Simic/Bant Nexus aren’t tier 1 in Historic, rather tier 1.5 or tier 2. The introduction of Questing Beast and Bonecrusher make fogs much worse, and Teferi and Unmoored Ego do a good job of stopping Nexus. The introduction of Meddling Mage is another way to disrupt Nexus, and Maelstrom Pulse can take out Tamiyo, Wilderness Reclamation, and Azcanta.
    I think Nexus feels like a very strong deck because it’s very unfun to play against and it usually takes a long time to win, so even if you have a 60% win rate against Nexus it feels like you struggle.

    • Jose says:

      I think that Nexus is fine in tier 1 or 1.5 at the moment, because as the article states, this initial tier list is more warped by FotD. Tier 1 all have great matches vs FotD decks, either going under and harder (RDW and Gruul) or comboing (Kethis and Nexus). The tier 1.5 do fine but might not be as good vs Tier 1. Tier 2 can’t overrun the zombies generated by FotD (Pridemates, Dinos without the Cleave, Hero’s tokens). Of course there are a lot more interactions but it is also true that this list is influenced by “encountering more frequently”. As Ranked queues begun, Nexus probably went very high, same as Gruul, due to many many people trying jank and achieving wins vs those new decks. Now they have a spot in mythic and are likely to be found around. Who knows, there’s very little to do to understand the exact situation, but this is a starting point.

      * Also, the impact of this and other lists will influence the meta forward. People might pick up on tier 1 listed here so adapt to them.

  2. ViR ViR says:

    Always interesting update on the meta, please keep it coming.
    Just a heads up, the format of comments is slightly over the place, Kethis analysis continue after Temur REC.

  3. Worst meta ever, u only play with goblins, white life gain and control so it suck better play standard.

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