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Mythic Championship V Decklists, Standings and Final Results

Congratulations to Javier Dominguez, the winner of Mythic Championship V! The biggest MTG Arena tournament with 68 qualified players – 32 Magic Pro League members and 36 Challengers – competing for a $750,000 total prize pool. All decklists had to be submitted prior to the tournament, by the end of last week (the idea is that so all players have the same given information).

All 68 decks from your favorite players competing in Mythic Championship V have now been uploaded to MTG Arena Zone! You will be able to sort by Player Name and Deck Name, as well as their tournament record and standings updated live.

Watch the Mythic Championship V Live Coverage here!
Starts at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 4 PM UTC from October 18 to October 20.

Read our Mythic Championship V Metagame Analysis here!


Player NameDecklistRankingDay 1 RecordDay 2 Record
Rei SatoSimic Food601-4
Andrew CuneoSimic Food284-30-4
Shahar ShenharSimic Food235-22-4
Reid DukeSimic Food522-4
Janne MikkonenJeskai Fires463-4
Luis SalvattoGolgari Adventures532-4
Raphael LevyGolgari Adventures581-4
Ashley MunozGolgari Adventures433-3
Matias Alfredo LeverattoGolgari Adventures512-4
Takeshi SenooGolgari Adventures542-4
Piotr GlogowskiGolgari Adventures374-3
Christian HauckSelesnya Adventures214-32-4
Stephan SchwarzSelesnya Adventures562-4
Mark DonaldsonSelesnya Adventures413-4
Miguel da Cruz SimõesRakdos Aristocrats660-4
Mike SigristBant Golos104-34-3
Jeremy BowersBant Golos552-4
Brian Braun-DuinBant Golos492-4
João Lucas CaparrozBant Golos611-4
Paolo Vitor Damo Da RosaBant Golos641-4
Jean-Emmanual DeprazBant Golos025-05-2
Jacob CrookBant Golos393-4
Lee Shi TianMono Red Cavalcade075-2
Ethan NeubertGolos Fires482-4
Theo MoutierGolos Fires144-34-3
Aaron BarichGolos Fires423-4
David WilliamsGolos Fires354-3
Autumn BurchettGolos Fires124-34-3
Sebastian PozzoBant Golos205-23-4
Dzianis ParkhatsBant Golos571-4
Matthew NassBant Golos185-13-4
Carlos RomaoBant Golos114-3
John RolfBant Golos155-23-4
Greg OrangeBant Golos591-4
Brad NelsonBant Golos304-3
Grace NacesBant Golos670-4
Alexander HayneBant Golos255-11-4
Patrick FernandesBant Golos344-3
Bertrand FagnoniBant Golos453-4
Mikaela DownsBant Golos314-3
Kenji EgashiraFour-Color Golos095-24-3
Lucas Esper BerthoudBant Golos134-34-3
Jan-Philipp BuddeBant Golos631-4
Seth ManfieldBant Golos163-4
Ole AndvikBant Golos364-3
Gabriel NassifSimic Food044-35-2
Yuuki IchikawaSimic Food403-4
Kai BuddeSimic Food383-4
Grzegorz KowalskiBant Food294-3
Martin JuzaBant Food245-21-4
Andrea MengucciBant Food035-25-1
Jessica EstephanBant Food621-4
Marcio CarvalhoBant Food194-33-4
Ondrej StraskyBant Ramp265-11-4
Oliver TiuBant Ramp472-4
Stanislav CifkaBant Ramp065-15-1
Breanna Lee TanGruul Aggro443-4
Gustavo CoraiolaGruul Aggro680-4
Gaby SpartzGruul Aggro650-4
Javier DominguezGruul Aggro014-34-3
Chris KvartekSimic Food175-03-4
Mikel DiezSimic Food225-22-4
Ken YukuhiroMardu Knights084-35-1
Eric FroehlichMardu Knights334-3
Ben StarkMardu Knights270-4
William JensenSimic Food075-15-2
Caleb DurwardJund Aggro324-3
Shota YasookaSimic Food502-4

Source: All Mythic Championship V Standard Decklists

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