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Ruinous Ultimatum by Chase Stone

Off-Meta BO1 Standard Deck Collection: Chill on the Ladder with Steelgrip!

There’s no doubt that MTG Arena is a competitive game by its nature, where winning games will get your daily rewards and allow you to climb the ladder, sometimes even qualifying you for the big stake tournaments. Amongst all that, we forget that Magic: The Gathering is one of the best games in the world and we play it to have fun. There’s one person in our Discord community that has always shown unwavering enthusiasm, win or lose, at Bronze or Mythic rank, since joining our server way back in 2019.


His name is Steepgrip, and plays almost exclusively best-of-one (BO1) Standard with his own take on what is usually a off-meta deck – often utilizing Rares and Mythic Rares that you opened in your booster packs and are collecting dust, such as Circle of Loyalty. Over the past few weeks, he’s been enjoying the new Standard since the bans and has been sharing his various decks on the Discord server, piquing interest from members of the community.

It’s also no secret that a large proportion of the MTG Arena players play BO1, and as we gear our focus towards such content moving forward, we wanted to start off by sharing with you 11 of Steelgrip’s latest BO1 Standard builds below. You will also find the exportable lists themselves and you can always find them in our deck section of the website. The sample sizes are small as for overall record, but you can still find his profile in the individual decklist pages if you are curious.

As always, the disclaimer is that these decks won’t necessarily take you to the heights of the Mythic ladder (many decks do still have the shell of currently powerful Standard decks) and should be used as your own starting points to further refine and improve. Remember, the main goal is to have fun and hopefully still win at least 50% of your games. Enjoy!

Mardu Ultimatum

[sd_deck deck=”O22WapVjb”]

Mono Black Enchantments

[sd_deck deck=”-Ukg3cDl_”]

Mono Green Stompy

[sd_deck deck=”ErIxqDnIn”]

Abzan Midrange

[sd_deck deck=”6XW9tQ45m”]

Jeskai Control

[sd_deck deck=”PoUhCEk3I”]

Mono White Auras

[sd_deck deck=”kgdudtvYO”]

Mono White Control

[sd_deck deck=”bp5cghKYI”]

Selesnya Control

[sd_deck deck=”W0VZLyY3R”]

Esper Doom Foretold

[sd_deck deck=”h3ZjeCXxq”]

Mono White Knights

[sd_deck deck=”33oP33rvw”]

Grixis Control

[sd_deck deck=”uSsA8eJX2″]

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