Zendikar Rising Championship Standard and Historic Metagame Breakdown

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The Zendikar Rising Championship tournament will be held starting this Friday, and Hall of Fame Frank Karsten has published the metagame breakdown. Check out the below links for more information on the Magic Esports website:

There are a total of 184 players competing in the event in both the Standard and Historic formats. Let’s check out what the best Magic players brought to the table for the big occasion! Please note, all decklists will be published at the beginning of Round 1 on Friday, December 4.


Deck Archetype# of Decks% of Field
Gruul Adventures4423.9%
Mono-Green Food3217.4%
Dimir Rogues3116.8%
Temur Adventures2010.9%
Dimir Control1910.3%
Esper Doom Foretold179.2%
Mardu Doom Foretold42.2%
Selesnya Adventures21.1%
Boros Cycling21.1%
Temur Ramp21.1%
Naya Winota21.1%
Gruul Food21.1%
Sultai Ramp10.5%
Jeskai Blink10.5%
Esper Control10.5%
Mono-Red Aggro10.5%
Rakdos Midrange10.5%
Jeskai Control10.5%
Orzhov Doom Foretold10.5%
  • For a more detailed analysis on the Standard format, check out this article.
  • The metagame is still relatively top-heavy, with the top three deck archetypes occupying 58.1% of the tournament metagame.
  • Lovestruck Beast (408 copies) and Kazandu Mammoth (379 copies) were the most-played nonland cards, being part of most Green based decks, Adventure and Food. This has essentially shut down the likes of smaller aggro decks.
  • Dimir Yorion has seen a rise in its popularity as it looks to keep the grindier decks in check.


Deck Archetype# of Decks% of Field
Four-Color Midrange3720.1%
Jund Sacrifice3619.6%
Rakdos Sacrifice2010.9%
Sultai Midrange158.2%
Azorius Auras126.5%
Azorius Control94.9%
Colorless Ramp52.7%
Dimir Control42.2%
Kethis Combo21.1%
Sultai Paradox Engine21.1%
Azorius Cycling21.1%
Mono-Black Aggro10.5%
Orzhov Auras10.5%
Orzhov Yorion10.5%
Mono-Red Planeswalkers10.5%
Boros Burn10.5%
Bant Control10.5%
Esper Yorion10.5%
Mono-Red Aggro10.5%
Nine Lives10.5%
Mardu Vehicles10.5%
Esper Gift10.5%
Rakdos Arcanist10.5%
Four-Color Control10.5%
Golgari Stompy10.5%
Boros Knights10.5%
Dimir Rogues10.5%
  • For a more detailed analysis on the Historic format, check out this article.
  • Similar to Standard, Historic is also top-heavy even if the marginally different deck archetypes are split (e.g. Jund and Rakdos Sacrifice, Sultai and Four-Color Midrange). The strongest decks got even stronger after Kaladesh Remastered, compared to the 2020 Mythic Invitational.
  • Stats on the new Kaladesh Remastered cards played this weekend:
    • Fatal Push: 255 copies
    • Blooming Marsh: 109 copies
    • Chandra, Torch of Defiance: 107 copies
    • Scrapheap Scrounger: 94 copies
    • Sram, Senior Edificer: 51 copies
    • Yahenni’s Expertise: 33 copies
    • Aether Hub: 27 copies

We will be back with coverage of the event and the top decklists later today!

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