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Players Tour Online 3 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

The first two of four Players Tour events, held on MTG Arena, kick off this weekend. With $600,000 in prizes across two weekends—June 13-14 and June 19-21—and a new Standard metagame to explore, the next two weekends of broadcasts will create moments and crown champions seen around the world.

The third Players Tour Online tournament saw 151 qualified players enrol in the final week of Standard leading up the release of Core Set 2021. As with the previous event, there will be 9 rounds of best-of-three Standard on the first day, followed by a further 6 rounds with a top 8 cut off on the second day. All players who achieve 11 wins (33 match points) after the 15 rounds will compete in the 2020 Players Tour Finals that takes place on July 25. In this article, we will be updating you with the latest metagame information and the top performing decklists for this event! Check out the results from Players Tour Online 4 going on at the same time:


Top 8


The talk of last week was the dominance of Temur Reclamation, but the metagame was still relatively fresh after the banning of Fires of Invention and Agent of Treachery. Other slower decks occupied the metagame such as Bant Ramp, Sultai Ramp and Jund Sacrifice, which meant aggro decks were more viable, especially when these decks were eschewing board sweepers. Decks that make use of Embercleave – Mono Red, Gruul Aggro, and the return of Rakdos Knights were all strong contenders as Rotting Regisaur is a creature that Reclamation decks struggle to deal with barr Brazen Borrower. It looks like Mono Green has cemented its place in Standard as it has shown consistent results since the bannings.

There were also some “new” breakthrough decks this week that aims to attack the current metagame: Orzhov Yorion Doom, which makes use of the blinking ability of Yorion, Sky Nomad, creatures that disrupt your opponent’s hand and also making use of Doom Foretold. Seth Manfield finished the first day with a strong 8-1 record using the deck. Bant Flash is very similar to Bant Ramp, except it uses Nightpack Ambusher, more copies of Brazen Borrower and counterspells. Check out the full analysis on below:

ArchetypeDay 1 PlayersDay 1 %Day 1 Win RateDay 2 PlayersDay 2 %
Bant Ramp3724.5%45.5%1419.2%
Temur Reclamation3623.8%46.5%1520.5%
Rakdos Knights138.6%56.6%1013.7%
Bant Flash106.6%48.1%56.8%
Jund Sacrifice106.6%56.8%68.2%
Orzhov Yorion53.3%62.8%45.5%
Sultai Ramp53.3%42.9%22.7%
Mono-Red Aggro32.0%52.2%11.4%
Four-Color Reclamation32.0%36.8%11.4%
Mardu Knights32.0%38.1%00
Esper Yorion21.3%46.7%11.4%
Simic Flash21.3%61.1%22.7%
Rakdos Sacrifice21.3%64.7%22.7%
Esper Control21.3%41.2%00
Four-Color Control21.3%46.2%11.4%
Mono-Green Stompy21.3%66.7%22.7%
Mono-Green Monsters21.3%56.3%11.4%


You can check out the full standings and decklists using the links below:

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