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Players Tour Online 4 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

The first two of four Players Tour events, held on MTG Arena, kick off this weekend. With $600,000 in prizes across two weekends—June 13-14 and June 19-21—and a new Standard metagame to explore, the next two weekends of broadcasts will create moments and crown champions seen around the world.

The fourth Players Tour Online tournament for the season saw 317 qualified players enrol for the event. As usual, there will be 9 rounds of best-of-three Standard on the first day, followed by a further 6 rounds with a top 8 cut off on the second day. All players who achieve 11 wins (33 match points) after the 15 rounds will compete in the 2020 Players Tour Finals that takes place on July 25. In this article, we will be updating you with the latest metagame information and the top performing decklists for this event! Be sure to check out the coverage page for Players Tour Online 3, with the second day still ongoing:



The Standard metagame remains largely indifferent to yesterday’s Players Tour, with Temur Reclamation and Bant Ramp being the major decks to beat. The aggro decks – Rakdos Knights, Mono Green and Mono Red all have a decent showing, as they try to break through the slow decks. The group of pro players who tested with Orzhov Yorion were in the previous event, but we do see the rise of Bant Flash here since it was less under the radar as it was popularized on social media. Check out the analysis article by Corbin Hosler:

ArchetypeDay 1 #Day 1 %Day 2 #Day 2 %
Temur Reclamation 8426.40%3321.71%
Bant Ramp 5316.70%2617.11%
Rakdos Knights 175.30%117.24%
Sultai Ramp 154.70%63.95%
Jund Sacrifice 144.40%74.61%
Bant Flash 123.80%63.95%
Mono-Green Stompy 123.80%63.95%
Mono-Red Aggro 113.50%42.63%
Azorius Control 103.10%85.26%


151 players who achieved 5 wins or better proceed to the second day of the tournament. We’ll be back with the final standings after day 2 tomorrow, but below we’ve curated the different deck archetypes that got 6 wins or better on the first day. You can check out the full standings and decklists using the links below:

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