MTG Arena Zone Historic Open #2 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

MTG Arena Zone Open Tournament Series

The second MTG Arena Zone Open Tournament was held yesterday, and as with last week, 73 players enrolled to compete in best-of-three Historic for a chance to win cash prizes and a month of Premium membership. Here, you can check out the full VOD as well as metagame data and the top performing decklists. You can also view the full tournament details on our MTG Melee tournament page and follow us there if you wish to be notified of future tournaments.


Today’s tournament consisted of 7 rounds of Swiss, followed by a top 8 playoff. We want to thank sidetraK for production, all the competitors, viewers who tuned in and this week’s coverage team to make today’s event possible – be sure to give them a follow!


Another diverse Historic metagame presents to us this week. Simic Nexus was the deck to beat, and we see the return of the king of Historic – Gruul Aggro showing great numbers in contrast to last week’s results.

Name# of Decks% of FieldWin%
Gruul Aggro912.3288%63.5514%
Simic Nexus912.3288%62.037%
Mono-U Tempo56.8493%59.4595%
Bant Nexus56.8493%35.4167%
Kethis Combo45.4795%57.1429%
Rakdos Goblins34.1096%46.875%
Bant Ramp34.1096%42.1053%
Esper Control34.1096%70.9677%
Sultai Yorion22.7397%42.8571%
Mono-W Soul Sisters22.7397%33.3333%
Mono-R Aggro22.7397%29.1667%
Bant Hero22.7397%47.619%
Mono-R Burn22.7397%50%
Bant Scapeshift22.7397%54.5455%
Rakdos Sacrifice (Lurrus)11.3699%52.9412%
Five-color Lands11.3699%35.7143%
Orzhov Vampires11.3699%61.1111%
Temur Combo11.3699%63.1579%
Mono-B Devotion11.3699%30.7692%
Rakdos Aggro11.3699%64.7059%
Mono-U Aggro11.3699%20%
Azorius Control11.3699%13.3333%
Grixis Midrange11.3699%0%
Jund Midrange11.3699%37.5%
Sultai Flash11.3699%41.1765%
Bant Control11.3699%50%
Gruul Midrange11.3699%50%
Gruul Zoo11.3699%50%
Simic Aggro11.3699%56.25%
Jund Goblins11.3699%46.1538%
Rakdos Lurrus11.3699%58.3333%
Jeskai Combo11.3699%42.8571%
Jund Dinosaurs11.3699%58.8235%
Mono-W Aggro11.3699%0%


Congratulations to saanctum who took the first prize this week as the lone Field of the Deck player in the top standings. He showed his expertise in the deck in a tough field filled with Gruul Aggro and Simic Nexus, which arguably are not the best matchups. Enjoy the top decks from the tournament below.



Welcome to MTG Arena Zone!

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