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SCG Kaldheim Championship Qualifier Standard – Decklists and Metagame

$5K Kaldheim Championship Qualifiers are invitation-only events organized weekly by Star City Games. Best-performing players advance to Kaldheim Qualifier Weekends and the eventual Kaldheim Championship that will be held next year.

289 players have participated in the most recent SCG event that took place last weekend. The tournament played out in the Standard format – on this page, you’ll find the top 32 decks of the tournament, as well provided event’s metagame breakdown.


The best-performing Temur Ramp decks have all came in the form of Temur Obosh Adventures Ramp decks. Though they technically can be considered separate archetypes they are all merged under the same row in the table below.

Archetype# of Decks% of the FieldWinrate %
Temur Ramp5318.5965%52.9412%
Gruul Adventures5218.2456%49.5327%
Mono-Green Food5218.2456%52.4793%
Dimir Control3712.9825%49.1124%
Dimir Rogues258.7719%52.0325%
Esper Doom124.2105%45.1613%
Mono-Red Aggro113.8596%46.5517%
Mardu Doom62.1053%59.4595%
Selesnya Adventures31.0526%58.8235%
Mono-White Aggro31.0526%46.1538%


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