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Errant and Giada Art by Cristi Balanescu

Standard Azorius Angels Deck Highlight

The first MOM Deck Highlight is here and we have a spicy one right off the bat! Find out how Angels is being constructed and why you should be looking to play it!

Hey everyone!

March of the Machine is here, and with it, a deluge of sweet new strategies I’m seeing people trying out. I’ve been trying out a litany of decks myself, but I wanted to give some shout outs to the coolest creations I’ve been seeing from other players and creators!

To that end, easily one of the most discussed decks going into Day 1 is Azorius Angels, and it’s a deck I have high hopes for too. Let’s break down what Angels is looking like with March of the Machine!

Azorius Angels
by DoggertQBones
Buy on TCGplayer $158.64
best of 1
4 mythic
34 rare
4 uncommon
18 common
Instants (2)
Destroy Evil
Enchantments (4)
Lands (24)
Seachrome Coast
Deserted Beach
60 Cards

The deck’s lone one drop!

Skrelv, Defector Mite is such a menace when you’re playing a bunch of must kill creatures. Being able to defend anything whether you have an available mana or two life is an extremely powerful ability, and while its not going to come up too often, being able to push a flier through if the opponent happens to have a flier of their own can be game winning.

One of the best lords ever printed, Giada, Font of Hope is one of the two draws to playing Angels in the first place. Being able to pressure the opponent, add mana, and make scaling Angels is a disgusting ability to have. The mana in particular is so important as all other Angels are minimum three mana, so getting them on the board early or allowing you to double spell a turn earlier is very important.

Moving up to the three drop slot, we start to get to the meat and potatoes of the deck!

Let’s first talk the second reason to go Angels now – Errant and Giada.

Errant and Giada is such an interesting lord as its not really a lord at all. Rather than providing body buffs, it looks to provide card advantage instead! Having a Future Sight for Angels and Flash cards is a very interesting ability to have, and considering 26 of the 60 cards are Angels, this will be netting a card relatively often in a game. Furthermore, if this list picks up The Wandering Emperor in the main deck or sideboard, that would also be a hit for this as well!

Moving on to one of my favorite cards in the set, Guardian of Ghirapur is a fixed Flickerwisp that’s conveniently an Angel! While the blink isn’t going to matter for this deck too often, it can range from giving a creature faux-Vigilance by blinking it, growing it with a Giada, Font of Hope on the field, or even returning a Steel Seraph to its original size if cast as a prototype!

Last but not least, we have Inspiring Overseer as a simple cycler that adds marginal pressure to the board!

Moving up the curve, we have our top end!

Serra Paragon has been a staple in Mono White Midrange, but we can use it to even greater effect here! Since Skrelv, Defector Mite, Giada, Font of Hope, and Errant and Giada are all must kill threats, having a way to just bring them back is quite powerful. Overall, this deck is very good at overloading the opponent’s removal, and having multiple ways to recur our best threats is going to be a tough strategy for many decks to deal with!

Our new Baneslayer Angel, Boon-Bringer Valkyrie has all the power of Baneslayer Angel and can even share the love for a turn! The main issue with Baneslayer Angel is that it actually has to get into combat to be effective, but getting the ability a turn ahead of time can put you out of reach for an opponent if the game is very close.

Finally, we have a half three drop half six drop with Steel Seraph. Like many of the other Angels here, Seraph makes it very difficult for the opponent to race as giving an Angel Lifelink or Vigilance goes a long way to getting further and further ahead.

Rounding out the deck, we have some removal! While this is a two color deck, the Blue is just a splash letting it play one of the best White removal spells in a minute – Ossification. As long as you draw one of the 14 basic lands which is very likely, you have a Journey to Nowhere.

For slightly more interaction, two Destroy Evil is excellent at killing other large creatures or destroying Fable of the Mirror-Breaker.

Overall, while this decks curve is a bit high, it should be an excellent choice in faster fields as all the fliers will make extremely difficult for opponents to race. While this may not be super well suited against a pure aggro deck game one, if you’re playing this in Bo3, having a sideboard geared with the aggressive decks in mind will make the matchup much more reasonable.

Thank you for reading!

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