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The Draft Lab Podcast Episode 19: VOW Archetypes and First Impressions

Hey everyone, I’m excited to bring you The Draft Lab Podcast here on MTG Arena Zone. We’re a weekly draft-focused podcast that cover everything from set reviews to deep dives into strategy. We also give in depth answers to listener questions and typically give weekly updates on how the format has developed.

The Draft Lab is a group of five streamers collaborating together to master Limited Magic. We have all been ranked #1 mythic on MTG Arena and have a variety of real life accomplishments as well. Most episodes will feature Floridamun and myself, but the rest of The Draft Lab members will also make guest appearances.

With that said, I present to you episode 19 of the Draft Lab Podcast!

In this episode we go over the ten different archetypes in Innistrad: Crimson Vow and the themes behind them. For each individual archetype we discuss what the top performing commons are and why we think they are doing well in that particular deck.

We also talk about our first impressions of the format answering questions such as:

  • How are you feeling about the format as a whole?
  • What tiers would you put the archetypes in?
  • How do you change your drafting strategy knowing that it is a prince format?

The episode also includes some of our normal weekly segments such as Pack 1 Pick 1, Cool Play of the Week, and Chris’s Bad Beat.

We are always open to feedback so drop it in the comments section below.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you’d like to have answered on the show or submissions for cool play of the week.

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Josh is a member of the elite limited team The Draft Lab as well as the host of The Draft Lab Podcast. He was qualifying for Pro Tours, Nationals, and Worlds literally before some of you were born. After a Magic hiatus to play poker and go to medical school, he has been dominating Arena with over an 80% win percentage in Bo3 as well as making #1 rank in Mythic.

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