Throne of Eldraine Limited Tier List Update

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After playing a bunch of Sealed and Traditional Drafts I have decided to make some modifications to my Tier List. You can find the updated Tier List here:

Throne of Eldraine Limited Tier List

In this article I will break down all of the changes by color and provide some explanations as to why I made them. Nothing changed drastically but the metagame and bot behavior in MTG Arena has led me to adjust my thinking on some cards.



D to C

Cards like this are almost always in the D Tier, but in Eldraine True Love’s Kiss can be played in the main deck. You are almost always going to have a target for it, and sometimes it can be a juicy one such as a Legendary Artifact or important enchantment like Revenge of Ravens. Overall though, I have found that White is under performing in ELD Limited. Of all of the colors I would rank it the lowest at this point. It still has enough strong playables to provide support though.


Happily Ever After just isn’t going to happen, and I suppose that is the joke. I have found combat tricks that aren’t Adventure Creatures to be generally bad in this set, so I would not get excited about drafting Righteousness or Shining Armor.



Most of these cards are representative of the fact that Eldraine is a slow, grindy format so far. A strong aggro deck could put enough pressure on a deck running these cards that they would not be able to generate as much value, but from what I have seen so far that just isn’t happening very often. Emry, Lurker of the Loch does require some build around, but there are some common artifacts such as Scalding Cauldron that get obnoxious when you are able to use them every turn. Faerie Vandal is even more amazing than I suspected due to there being so many ways to add those +1/+1 counters. Vandal aside, when Blue is paired with anything except Red it tends to create very grindy control decks that tend to mill even if that is a secondary win condition.


None, Blue is playing better than I had expected and is one of the top 3 colors in the set.



Some of these cards are also indicative of the slower, grindy format that ELD tends to be on Arena. Forever Young has the added benefit of helping the Mill matchup, while Giant’s Skewer is surprisingly good despite the high opportunity cost. Reaper of Knight has a steep cost as well, but the value it adds is incredible. Getting a 4/5 quasi flyer and forcing your opponent to discard 2 with a single card is quite the deal if the game goes long enough to capitalize. Revenge of Ravens is a key card for prolonging the game and tends to single-handedly beat go-wide decks. It is dead against mill but to say it tends to over perform would be putting it lightly. Syr Konrad, the Grim is way more powerful than I initially gave him credit for and wins the game alone if unanswered. He may be the best uncommon in the set. Rankle, Master of Pranks is now a certified BOMB. It requires some contemplation, but generally there is at least 1 mode that benefits you on a given attack. The primary reason I upgraded Rankle is that flying defense is hard to come by in Eldraine which makes the pranks easier to pull off.


I overrated the Black Knights somewhat, but overall I think Black is likely the best color in Eldraine, and is certainly in the top 2 or 3. I am still very conflicted on Order of Midnight and if I could give it a B+/A- I would.



C to B

The slowness of the format improves cards like this. You can create a thousand rats and they still don’t do you any good against Revenge of Ravens, though. I am not salty about that interaction at all…


Neither of these are unplayable, but I have not noticed too many Seven Dwarves running around. If the bots start wrapping them, Seven Seven Dwarves decks may become a thing. You truly need about that many for it to be worth running. I could see GR decks making use of Fling, but card disadvantage is not really my thing and I am not sure why I had it at a C to begin with honestly. As a color I would put Red a little above White, but below the other three. Similar to White it works as a support for a second color to round out an archetype, typically providing removal and/or looting.



There are some great cards here! Gilded Goose definitely defied my expectations. As it happens, pooping out food is a great mana sink in this slower format. Likewise, Once and Future and Trail of Crumbs generate more value over time. Oakhame Adversary draws more cards than I expected, and deathtouch is a great thing to have against certain Bombs. Lastly, Wildborn Preserver is a BOMB. This thing just grows and grows and shuts down the board by itself due to Reach.


B to C

I am sad to do this one, but there is quite a bit of single target removal/bounce that negates the Giant and spending a card for 3 food tokens is generally not worth it. I have seen this card work, but it is more situational than I had anticipated.

As a color, I really like Green in Eldraine and would put it in the top 3.


Dance of the Manse is the definition of a build around, but bots aren’t taking it and in the right deck it can be very good. Resolute Rider has over performed to the point that I think it belongs in the A category. The threat of activation is amazing, and an indestructible body that can gain life every turn is simply great in this grindy format.


A to B

I still think this is a good card, but it is more situational than I would like. In the right deck it is incredible, but it isn’t an auto include like the previous A rating implied. You may notice every Multicolor card is a C or better. These cards are definitely the bread and butter of the format.



Mana Fixing is rare in this set, and Golden Egg does it for free. It also serves as an extra food in decks that want that. It is a great card to select in picks where nothing great in your colors is present. Last but not least, I am upgrading Stonecoil Serpent to BOMB status. This thing is a great deal anywhere from 3 mana and up. The protection can be relevant and the reach really puts it over the top. Being colorless means it is the type of card that every single deck wants.


No Changes

Please leave your comments and questions. I would be happy to elaborate on any changes I have made so far. I am bound to do another revision once the bots get adjusted and Ranked Draft hits, but I feel good about my Tier List at this point and hope that you find it helpful! Once again, you can find it here:

Throne of Eldraine Limited Tier List

You can also check out my Twitch where I draft with commentary a couple times per week: twitch.tv/compulsion02

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