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Star City Games Philadelphia Standard Classic Decklists


The new Standard season is in full swing and Star City Games held their weekly tournament which gives us a deeper understanding of the current metagame with a larger player pool in a competitive setting. The Standard Classic this week had a larger sample size of 128 players, with 7 rounds of Magic and as well as a top 8 play off.

In this tournament, the glory goes to the Selesnya Adventures and a few other Golgari Adventures among the top 16. This highlights the power of Edgewall Innkeeper (and sometimes Lucky Clover) backed up by Adventure cards that can pull their weight on their own. No big surprises otherwise, other than a spicy Temur Planeswalkers deck coming at 14th place.

One of our writers, Raphael Socher, has also made top four with his signature Simic Flash deck and he will be gracing us with his tournament report and a deck guide for this polarizing deck archetype. Look out for it soon!


Player NameDecklistRanking
Aaron BarichSelesnya Adventures1st
Felix SlooBant Golos2nd
Sean KippleGolgari Adventures3rd
Raphael SocherSimic Flash4th
Larry FieldsJeskai Fires5th
Kellen PastoreGolgari Adventures6th
Matthew HoffmanGolgari Adventures7th
Max McVetySelesnya Adventures8th
Isaiah SmithsonBant Golos9th
Christian TunisSelesnya Adventures10th
Joe AmbroseoJeskai Fires11th
Randy BallGruul Aggro12th
Courtland StrodlGolos Fires13th
Craig RoccoTemur Midrange14th
John Phillip WhetstoneMono Red Aggro15th
Jameson PerdueBant Golos16th

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Source: Top 16 Standard Classic Decklists

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