Throne of Eldraine Limited Tier List

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Ranking System

Bombs: These cards are the cream of the crop. Only in rare cases would you pass one of them in Draft, and if they show up in your Sealed pool it is nearly always going to be correct to play them. These are the sort of cards that can win games alone if they go unanswered.

A: These are great cards that will often be the difference makers in your Limited deck. They are the spells that you are hoping to draw every game. Cards in this category are typically borderline Bombs that require some build around or solid removal spells.

B: These cards are good playables that make up the backbone of your deck. You aren’t always going to be able to draft a lot of Bombs and ‘A’s,’ but if you accumulate mostly ‘B’s’ and maximize their synergy, you are going to more often than not end up with a good deck.

C: These cards are fine playables that serve as the primary filler for a Limited deck. They can be usually be strengthened through synergy, and playing to their strengths is one of the best ways to create a cohesive deck. ‘C’s’ are ‘B’s’ in the right deck but ‘meh’ in the wrong one.

D: These cards are filler with low upside. Most good decks will play none of these cards, as they are often highly situational or don’t effect the board significantly. Sometimes these cards have enough combo potential in specific decks, but generally should be avoided.

F: These are unplayables that should never be included in your deck. Cards in this category are effectively a waste of a card. Generally these are cards that may serve a sideboard purpose in Standard decks but have no business finding their way into your Limited deck regardless of rarity.


  • October 7, 2019: First major update to the tier list! Read about the details in the article here.
  • September 27, 2019: Starting to make some preliminary adjustments. Added ‘Improbable Alliance’ since it got deleted, and upgraded ‘Revenge of Ravens’ and ‘The Cauldron of Eternity.’ Both are better than I initially thought since control decks seem to be holding up, and these cards benefit greatly from games going long.
  • September 24, 2019: Preliminary tier list posted before release of Throne of Eldraine.

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12 Responses

  1. ahoyboy says:

    Nice list. But its not responsive on my mobile. And card images would be nice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think Improbable Alliance is missing in the list?

    • Compulsion Compulsion says:

      It is! I am going to fix that today. I had it in the ‘B’ tier and it got deleted for some reason. Itll go back there for now but I have a feeling some of the UR cards are going to get promoted since that archetype has a lot of potential. We will see how it all unfolds now that we are finally at release!

  3. barth says:

    ‘Frogify’…rank D…and ‘Run Away Together’ – which is btw super conditional/tempo loss even – being higher ranked
    Cmon…that cant be right…

    • Compulsion Compulsion says:

      Run away together is a really powerful effect at instant speed. Especially being able to bounce your etb creatures gives it a lot of potential value. It is for sure conditional but I think it is stronger than frogify. I could see promoting frogify and so tiny if the UB mill or UW enchantment decks end up being really good.

      • barth barth says:

        Yeah, Ill eat my words. You were absolutely right. I totally misjudged the slowness and importance of synergy in this set. I’d even rank the first (two) “Run away together” at B rank now in a good U/B deck.

        Maybe have a look at the obscenely easy to build mill decks again. Especially Folio is _the_ bomb in those decks and can single handily win games as soon as turn 6 even.

        • Compulsion Compulsion says:

          Hey, props to you for admitting it! I think I had Folio at a D initially, so I will eat my words on that card! Lately aggro decks have been more abundant so I wouldn’t call folio a bomb but it is very good.

  4. Ben says:

    Roving Keep a B? Really?

  5. Nil vaz says:

    Id like to advocate for piper of the swarm being at least A if not bomb. Its a 2 drop 1/3 that totally takes over games. You can get wins from enough 1/1s with menace.. or if your opponent does nothing about it in 3 turns.. youre taking their best creature.. once every 3 turns.

    • Compulsion Compulsion says:

      I think I agree with it being an A so I moved it! I originally placed it at a B because it is very slow, but games have stalling so frequently that a card like this has more value. I didn’t think to move it because I have only seen it played in one game so far and I had removal for it, but I agree with where you are coming from.