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Throne of Eldraine Instants, Flash and Tricks for Limited

Ever wondered what your opponent is holding up their mana for, and what cards you need to play around and expect before attacking into untapped lands?

In this section we have organized a little cheat sheet for you, that displays all the cards in Throne of Eldraine that can be used as combat tricks, counterspells and removal at Instant speed, as well as cards that have the Flash ability.

Take note of two things in this limited format:

  • Consider what mana your opponent has untapped and whether they can afford the Adamant cost (i.e. three of the same colored mana), and what additional effect it will have.
  • Adventure cards still count as creature spells anywhere else (battlefield, graveyard, etc.) except for the time they are being cast as an Adventure.

Be prepared and become a Limited expert by memorizing these all before the upcoming sealed and draft events and Throne of Eldraine prerelease! Otherwise, you can bookmark this page during your game as a reference, and beginning with this set, we will be preparing a one-page downloadable PDF file that you can print out also.


Adventure Instants


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