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Tajic, Legion's Edge Art by Anthony Palumbo

Tier 2 Historic Brawl Decklists from the Brawl Hub Community

Powerful Historic Brawl decks (tier 2) built and refined by one of the largest Brawl communities.

Welcome to another edition of Historic Brawl decklists collectively built and refined by the Brawl Hub community! Today’s bundle are classified as tier 2; they are totally capable of beating the top tier decks but with some weaknesses. If you are looking for opponents to play with, here is a link to the Brawl Hub Discord server again:

Be sure to check out the top tier decks as well if you haven’t already, or head directly to our Historic Brawl section to check all of them out at once.

On a related note, the weekly MTG Arena Announcement was made yesterday that has new information related to Historic Brawl. Unfortunately there aren’t any information about a permanent queue, but there are two Historic Brawl events coming up. On June 18 is FNM at Home and not long after from June 19 to 25 is the Historic Brawl Fest, both with a twist: Decks must have at least 100 cards!

In Commander (EDH), players have a huge range of cards to choose from, but the card pool in MTG Arena is comparatively not as deep. It will be interesting to see if this experiment will make the format better or worse. This means that players need to go back to the drawing board for new 100 card decks, and we’ll be sure to share some sample ones prior to the event as usual. In the meantime, enjoy!

Tier 2 Historic Brawl Decklists

[sd_deck deck=”wbecI0pft”]

[sd_deck deck=”BNMxb84c_”]

[sd_deck deck=”6MaiGdEEK”]

[sd_deck deck=”D_cS3Tt76″]

[sd_deck deck=”ttDMmKqLJ”]

[sd_deck deck=”kC8iHhYnx”]

[sd_deck deck=”dLyEtNvLW”]

[sd_deck deck=”Q5oUaGA5Y”]

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