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Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner Art by Jaime Jones

Tier 1 Historic Brawl Decklists from the Brawl Hub Community

The best of the best Historic Brawl decks (tier 1) built and refined by one of the largest Brawl communities.

Historic Brawl has seen a surge of popularity since its introduction to MTG Arena, evident from limited-time events such as FNM at Home and the Historic Brawl Fest. The original Brawl format in comparison, allows only Standard cards that are too shallow and makes the format less interesting! Despite this, there is still no official method of playing the format other than Direct Challenges. It is still not known when Wizards will release the permanent queue (like we have for Standard Brawl now), so for the time being players are relying on joining like-minded communities for matchmaking.

One of the largest Discord communities for this purpose was Brawl Hall, first created by popular content creator Merchant. With the server now deleted, it left players to find another.

Skull and the French community – now rebranded to Brawl Hub, has stepped up to the task of taking players on for their Brawl needs! In collaboration with them, we will be sharing some Historic Brawl decks that they have collectively built and refined together over time. Join their Discord server by clicking on the button below, get the sample decklists, and enjoy!

Today we will be sharing with you the top tier Historic Brawl decks as deemed by the Brawl Hub community. They can offer the highest and most consistent win rates for the most competitive minded person, and can be a good starting point for the format. You can view them individually using the links, or export them directly below! Be sure to check out the tier 2 decks (that are totally capable of beating these ones!) as well, or go directly to our Historic Brawl section to check out all the decks!

Tier 1 Historic Brawl Decklists

[sd_deck deck=”18LL8bspb”]

[sd_deck deck=”1NNwyfmDJ”]

[sd_deck deck=”cChchqR9s”]

[sd_deck deck=”ThslAtc3W”]

[sd_deck deck=”Gdnb7kxpY”]

[sd_deck deck=”2nHwLUvOW”]

[sd_deck deck=”TQ0XLaHMe”]

[sd_deck deck=”ox3YY9FNc”]

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