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Indomitable Creativity Art by Deruchenko Alexander

Top Mythic Standard and Historic Decks – November 2020 Ranked Season – Week 4

This is the final week of MTG Arena’s November 2020 Ranked season and we are once again bringing you the round-up of the new and interesting Standard and Historic decks that have been shaking the metagame recently. We’ll be adding decks on this page until the end of the season, or you can just go directly to our deck section. This is a weekly column, and if you have decks you want to be featured in the next edition tweet us at @mtgazone or give us a shout at our Discord.

The two constructed formats are expected to be relatively ebbing and flowing until the upcoming major tournament – Zendikar Rising Championship – next week, which will cover both Standard and Historic. The next weekend, we have the Historic Arena Open. Remember to check out our latest and updated metagame tier lists for the top decks that are conquering the format!

Featured Decks

With Amonkhet and Kaladesh Remastered, we can do some cool things now in Historic! A lot of the decks are one-sided non-interactive strategies now where you are racing to win the game first (cough, Goblins) but with Fatal Push and Thoughtseize now you can still interact on a meaningful level.

Indomitable Creativity opens up another venue for cheating out creatures, similar to Transmogrify and Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast. The main advantage is that it can target artifacts, not just creatures, which means your opponents will be less likely to remove it in response to prevent the spell from working. jokelamb shared the deck at #81 Mythic, but climbed even further up the heights of constructed ladder with this deck afterwards.

This deck is in similar vein to the Naya Tokens deck was briefly popular when Craterhoof Beehemoth was introduced with Jumpstart. Check out the Mono Red list for another variation of the deck that cheats out multiple Terror of the Peaks, which itself was ported over from a Pioneer deck.

Nine Lives and Solemnity is a two-card lock that has been known for quite some time now. This Mono White Prison deck makes a return to the Historic scenes, and is especially decent in the Bo1 ladder for unsuspecting opponents. Remember, Bonecrusher Giant and Questing Beast has the text “damage cannot be prevented”, so you can still die from them!

A deck that can play super efficient interaction spells such as Fatal Push, Bloodchief’s Thirst and Thoughtseize in its shell will be strong, as Sultai Midrange, Rakdos Arcanist, Mono Black Aggro, Jund Sacrifice and now even Orzhov Auras have demonstrated to us so far. Another fact is that Lurrus is still a strong Companion to play despite the nerf to the mechanic. Here is a Golgari deck that does that all that, and we’re probably at the point now where we can use any other color combination to make a strong deck as players have demonstrated so far:


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