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Traditional Standard Ranked Decklists: October 27, 2020

Below are the latest decks that won six or more matches in a row during MTG Arena’s ranked ladder by players at Platinum to Mythic ranking for October 27, 2020. The criteria for how these decks are chosen are detailed below:

Starting the week of September 21, we will begin publishing decklists that have put together long win streaks at Platinum rank or higher in Magic: The Gathering Arena‘s Ranked Play ladder. The goal is to supplement decklists from tournament results and social media with additional promising decklists for inspiration. We will publish these decklists once each week on the new decklist hub on Magic.gg, and plan to increase the publishing frequency in the future.

We will be publishing lists from Standard Ranked, Traditional Standard Ranked, Historic Ranked, and Traditional Historic Ranked play queues. Like we do for Magic Online Leagues, we will be posting an example list for each category of deck that share a minimum number of cards: at least 55 of 75 cards (across main deck and sideboard) shared in Traditional (best of three games, or Bo3) or at least 45 of 60 main deck cards shared in best of one (Bo1). All lists published will have won at least six consecutive matches.

Our goal is to best condense information, highlighting a mix of both strong and varied deckbuilding options. We will let you know if we adjust some of these parameters as we learn more from this data and gather your feedback.

Player information—your MTG Arena username—will not be associated with these decklists. If you are concerned about a deck you play being shared this way you can change a card in your main deck before you reach six or more consecutive match wins. Even swapping to a different basic land version or a new version of another card in your deck will suffice.

Source: Esports Update: Grand Finals Formats, Decklist Hub, and More

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Traditional Standard Ranked Decklists: October 27, 2020

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