Twitch Prime Promo Boros Legion Deck Update


There has been reports that there is no way to obtain the Boros Legion promo deck you get if you sign up for Twitch Prime – which was meant to expire on July 25, as noted in our codes section and the current in-game advertisement.

Wizards have confirmed the unavailability of the offer as of today with a Tweet:

There was no clarification as to why the offer has been withdrawn early, as their promotions page has also stated the date of expiry on July 25 since the promotion started. Whether they meant the code could be obtained prior to a certain date (which some people are reporting that the promotion actually ended June 25) but could only be redeemed until July 25, was not made clear either.

We will update everybody with any further details regarding this matter – whether the promotion goes back up, or they give players an alternative way to obtain the Boros Legion deck.

Update: Wizards have responded!

“Follow up: You can no longer acquire a code from Twitch Prime, but if you already have one, those can be redeemed until 7/25. If you haven’t gotten a code yet, reach out to our support team under “Code Redemption Problem” and they’ll send one over!”


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