Zendikar Rising Early Access Streamer Event Decklists

Zendikar Rising arrives to MTG Arena on September 17, and Magic fans are very excited for both the new set and the yearly rotation in Standard that it heralds. As is their custom, Wizards of the Coast once again have organized an Early Access Streamer Event. They have invited many of Magic content creators to play with all the new cards, granting them temporary access to the special fully-stocked accounts in MTG Arena.

In this article, we have collected all the most promising and creative Zendikar Rising brews that the streamers have been testing out throughout the day. Some of the decks featured here have the potential to evolve into the top-tier archetypes; others are rather meme – but fun – concepts. Please stay aware that these lists are intended simply to inform you of the spiciest fresh ideas – but they would not be the safest investment for your Wildcards. The meta will be changing rapidly over the first weeks post-rotation, so please think twice about crafting any of the lists below.

Early Access Streamer Event will be running from September 16, 8:00 AM to September 17, 6:00 AM PST. We will be continuously adding new interesting decks here, so come back for more as the day goes!

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