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MTG Arena’s November update is now live! Here are the highlights of today’s update:


  • Historic Anthology – 20 news cards from across Magic‘s history, a special launch event, and ranked best-of-three queue.
  • Performance Improvements



  • Due to issues with scaling, we have delayed Friends List. We will have more information and an updated timeline once it becomes available.



  • Historic Anthology 1 is here! Click here to learn more.
  • Historic Best-of-Three Ranked Ladder is now live!
    • It is currently scheduled to be available for play until January 15, 2020.Introducing Historic Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)
  • Historic ICRs consist of cards from sets that have rotated out of Standard:
    • Note: They can include older versions of cards that may be legal in Standard because they also appear in a Standard legal set (e.g. Opt from Dominaria)
    • They currently do NOT include cards from Historic Anthology 1
    • They can be uncommon (with an upgrade rate to rare/mythic rare) or rare/mythic rare.
    • If rare/mythic rare, each rare appears twice as frequently as each mythic. If uncommon, each uncommon is equally likely to be awarded.


  • As of November 18, 2019 Once Upon a TimeVeil of Summer, and Oko, Thief of Crowns are banned in Standard play.
  • Players who logged in after the announcement have received a notification in-game regarding the ban
  • Players receive a rare Wildcard for copes of each card in their collection prior to this update
    • This is includes a one-time grant. Players who craft/receive these cards after this grant will not receive Wildcards.
  • Oko, Thief of Crowns and Once Upon a Time have been removed from Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)
    • Players can still receive Veil of Summer, but will continue to receive vault progress for any copies they receive beyond a playset.
  • When crafting these cards using Wildcards, players now receive a warning notification that the card is banned in Standard (this does not prevent the cards from being crafted, but provides an extra warning step)
  • When joining the Play queue, decks that contain these cards are considered “Historic”


  • We’ve reworked the Mulligan browser, emphasizing important information (like who goes first) and shifting things you’re unlikely to need to read more than once (like mulligan rules) out to a pop-up.
  • We now emphasize the projected autotap solution as you pull out a card to play.
    • This should give players a better chance to catch solutions that aren’t doing what they want.
  • Tweaked how smart priority works for players with cards that have abilities like crew or animate.
  • We now provide a smart stop in cases where an action-cost component for a mana ability has been targeted.
    • For example, if your Food token is targeted while you control a Golden Goose, you’ll now automatically hold priority.
  • We made a change to the confirmation when sacrificing Food:
    • Previously, clicking on the card would confirm the choice.
    • Now you only confirm by actually clicking the button that pops up.
  • The browser for selecting which side of a card with Adventure to cast now has accompanying SFX
  • Realm-Cloaked Giant now has SFX when choosing between Adventure and Creature
  • Added an additional 20 seconds for sideboarding during best-of-three matches


  • Most players should see a reduction in frequency and severity of hitching/stuttering, particularly during matches
  • Performance degradation and memory usage after longer period of play is still under investigation.
  • For more information, please refer to our latest performance check-in.



  • Various changes to Throne of Eldraine bot draft picks to encourage a more diverse drafting experience


Event Dates: November 21 – November 24
Entry Fee: 200 Gems or 1000 Gold
Format: Best-of-one Historic (Nexus of Fate is banned.)
Event Record: Rewards up to 5 wins, losses are not counted


Note: While the rewards can only be earned once, you can keep playing! Additional games will count towards quest progression as well as Weekly and Daily Win rewards


Event Dates: November 28 – December 1
Entry Fee: 100 Gems or 500 Gold
Format: Historic Pauper
Event Record: 4 wins or 2 losses

  • 4 wins: 600 Gold, 1 Rare and Mythic Historic ICR, 2 Uncommon Historic ICRs (5% chance to upgrade to Rare/Mythic)
  • 3 wins: 450 Gold, 1 Uncommon Historic ICR (35% chance to upgrade to Rare/Mythic), 2 Uncommon Historic ICRs (5% chance to upgrade to Rare/Mythic)
  • 2 wins: 300 Gold, 1 Uncommon Historic ICR (25% chance to upgrade to Rare/Mythic), 2 Uncommon Historic ICRs (5% chance to upgrade to Rare/Mythic)
  • 1 win: 150 Gold, 1 Uncommon Historic ICR (15% chance to upgrade to Rare/Mythic), 2 Uncommon Historic ICRs (5% chance to upgrade to Rare/Mythic)
  • 0 wins: 3 Uncommon Historic ICRs (5% chance to upgrade to Rare/Mythic)


Event Dates: December 6 – December 8
Entry Fee: 5000 Gold or 750 Gems
Format: Best-of-one Throne of Eldraine draft. Players start the game at 10 life.

Event Record: Play until 7 wins or 3 losses


  • 7 Wins: 950 Gems + 2 Packs
  • 6 Wins: 850 Gems + 1 Pack + 40% Bonus Pack
  • 5 Wins: 650 Gems + 1 Pack + 35% Bonus Pack
  • 4 Wins: 450 Gems + 1 Pack + 30% Bonus Pack
  • 3 Wins: 300 Gems + 1 Pack + 26% Bonus Pack
  • 2 Wins: 200 Gems + 1 Pack + 24% Bonus Pack
  • 1 Win: 100 Gems + 1 Pack + 22% Bonus Pack
  • 0 Wins: 50 Gems + 1 Pack + 20% Bonus Pack

Note: All pack rewards are from Throne of Eldraine.



Historic Anthology 1

This bundle contains 4x copies of all 20 new-to-Historic cards!

Included Card:

Soul Warden, Distant Melody, Treasure Hunt, Tendrils of Corruption, Goblin Matron, Kiln Fiend, Elvish Visionary, Mind Stone, Ornithopter, Burning-Tree Emissary, Kinsbaile Cavalier, Hypnotic Specter, Imperious Perfect, Cryptbreaker, Fauna Shaman, Darksteel Reactor, Captain Sisay, Phyrexian Arena, Hidetsugu’s Second Rite, Serra Ascendant.

Cost: 3,400 Gems

Court Knights Bundle

This bundle contains a unique Exquisite Sleeve and Avatar.

Cost: 3,000 Gems

Adventures Abound Bundle

Contains Card Styles for: Lucky Clover, Edgewall Innkeeper, Mysterious Pathlighter

Cost: 600 Gems

Animated Armory Bundle

Contains Card Styles for: Animating Faerie, All That Glitters, Dance of the Manse, Emry, Lurker of the Loch, Mirrormade

Cost: 1,400 Gems

Familiar Faces Bundle

Contains Card Styles for: Soul Warden, Elvish Visionary, Kinsbaile Cavalier, Captain Sisay, Imperious Perfect

Cost: 3,000 Gold

Aggressive Negotiations Bundle

Contains Card Styles for: Tendrils of Corruption, Kiln Fiend, Phyrexian Arena, Hidetsugu’s Second Rite, Burning-Tree Emissary

Cost: 3,000 Gold

Uncovered Artifacts Bundle

Contains Card Styles for: Distant Melody, Mind Stone, Cryptbreaker, Darksteel Reactor, Ornithopter

Cost: 3,000 Gold



  • Feisty Food Bundle


Note: All showcase card styles from the Festival of the Fae events and Store Bundles are now available inside the Deckbuilder for individual gem purchases.



  • Outmuscle no longer adds Indestructible to the Adventure side of creatures with Adventures.
  • Forever Young no longer treats the returned cards as revealed after they’re on the deck/drawn.
  • Casting Quasiduplicate on a Mirrormade that has been turned into a creature with Dance of the Manse when the only Enchantments for it to copy were Auras now functions as intended.
  • Exiling an Adventure card using Thief of Sanity now shows the full card instead of just the creature side.
  • Memory Theft shows appropriate messaging for which cards to choose.
  • Abilities placed on the stack by Tokens now display the correct card frame.
  • Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God’s +1 ability now plays the correct VFX


  • Assigning stacked creatures to block one by one now has correct stacking priorities.
  • Match reconnections have been improved. Players should no longer see a black screen when reconnecting.
  • You can now view cards in Exile when you have a browser open and you choose View Battlefield.
  • We addressed an issue with the Sideboarding timer where the server-side timer and client-side timers could be up out of sync.
  • Sundering Stroke VFX has been corrected.
  • VFXs that dim the battlefield now correctly clear if the card that triggered the VFX is destroyed as it enters the battlefield.
  • Canceling a browser that plays a SFX no longer results in an audio loop


  • Some overlays cannot be dismissed by clicking above the overlay
  • The incorrect text color is used in the Store for Historic bundles
  • Adventure cards may have incorrect text color when card styles are used
  • Full-art lands are missing their border artwork while on the battlefield
  • Some areas of the deck editor may become improperly dimmed
  • Emblems may go partially off-screen when moused over
  • When an ability of a token created by a spell is put onto the stack, the background of its CDC is now the color of the token.

Source: NOV 21 – Game Update



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7 months ago

Hi, Good morning, i want to know when it ends the Historic Anthology 1 (The Bundle from the Store)