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mtg-arena-theros-beyond-death-patch-notes Patch Notes

Today’s MTG Arena hotfix is now available that addresses an issue with the player logs getting too large and not being cleaned up. They are also looking into restoring the normal Basic Lands from Theros Beyond Death to players who do not have access to them yet. More information can be found in this article.


  • Fixed an issue where player logs were being kept indefinitely.
    • When you update to the latest client, any existing logs will be automatically deleted.
    • Going forward, MTG Arena will automatically delete logs older than three days when the game is launched.

There is no downtime associated with this patch. Magic: The Gathering Arena will automatically update the next time the game is launched.


  • Some players do not have access to the Theros Beyond Death basic lands.
    • UPDATE: We are beginning to resolve this issue for impacted players. All players should have access to the Theros Beyond Death basic lands by early next week.
    • NOTE: This is reference to the normal basic lands. We’ll have more information on how all players can obtain the full-art Nyx basic lands and other showcase card styles in a future update.

Source: JAN 21 – Patch Notes

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