Patch Notes

MTG Arena has been updated with the latest patch, bringing fixes to various known issues and other minor bugs.


  • Godzilla Monster Series card styles now correctly respect the “Hide Alternate Art Styles” setting
  • Setting/removing a companion now properly saves when making changes to your deck list
  • Using different printings of cards will no longer appear to work when Lutri, the Spellchaser was set as your companion
    • Note: This was a visual bug; Lutri properly recognized repeated cards and refused to be your Companion despite what the Deck Builder may have tried to tell you.
  • Umori, the Collector will no longer cause your collection to flip back to the first page when adding cards to a deck with Umori set as your companion.
  • Thryx, the Sudden Storm no longer makes certain x-cost spells cast through Underworld Breach uncounterable at improper converted mana costs.
  • “Gem Cards” from duplicate protection once again show which set you are receiving it from
  • Various localization fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes

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