MTG Arena Patch Notes

2022.17.10 Patch Notes

MTG Arena Patch 2022.17.10 is a small patch that brings several bug fixes, but the major sound fix that broke in the last patch has not been addressed yet. Full patch notes are transcribed below.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that made AFR packs disappear from the store
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the Esc key from properly opening the options menu in the menu scenes
  • Fixed a bug where the chromatic dragon pets had gotten their names mixed up

Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical VFX issue where Boo sorted incorrectly. He can now go for the eyes much more effectively
  • Fixed a bug where countering an opponent’s creature that has an adventure could result in looping VFX stuck on the stack
  • Fixed a bug where Grinning Ignus was mistakenly banned in Direct/Friend Challenge matches (Nothing should be banned in those; you can use Channel and Dark Ritual. Go nuts.)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented rebalanced adventure cards from getting the digital-only stamp at the bottom of the card


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