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MTG Arena Patch Notes

2022.19.10 Patch Notes

MTG Arena Patch 2022.19.10 is a small patch that brings several important bug fixes. As addressed in this week’s MTG Arena Announcements, the “Select Pile” interface has been fixed, Abundant Harvest, Jukai Liberator, and Relic of Legends now should all work as intended. For more information, check out the announcement article below:

Please report any issues directly to Wizards of the Coast Support and visit the MTG Arena Status to check the progress of the maintenance.

Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Select Pile” interface to not work properly on 4:3 devices (most tablets)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Abundant Harvest and Jukai Liberator to not present the proper options
  • Fixed a bug that caused Relic of Legends to not properly auto-tap when it needed to use both of its abilities
  • Fixed a bug where spells with a mana value of 1 weren’t highlighted as playable in your hand with the proper defiler in play. (This was a visual-only issue; they were still castable and you still got the proper stops to cast.)
  • Improved display for counts of instant & sorcery cards in your graveyard for Tribute to Urborg and Cosmic Epiphany
  • Fixed a bug that caused attackers who were changed to/from Enlisting or Exerting to not immediately stack/unstack properly
  • Fixed a couple bugs with Enlist VFX
  • We sat down with the bears from Kaldheim and convinced them to stop wandering and sit back in their cozy pet zones (They had fun on their outing, but sometimes got in the way)

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the normal Brawl queue was calling itself Wednesday Brawl in the Play Blade’s Recently Played tab
  • Fixed a bug that caused Genasi Rabble-Rouser’s depth art to not have a gold price
  • Clicking/tapping the Pet of the Month carousel now properly takes you to the Pets tab in the store
    Fixed an asset error that could occur during the tutorial


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