AFR Update Known Issues: New Bugs, Extensions Broken

The most recent update to Magic: Arena added the new set Adventures in the Forgotten Realms to the client along with the Standard 2022 play queues and new cosmetics, but it seems to have also brought along some previously absent bugs and technical issues.

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Players noticed shorty after the update that there is a new bug that affects cards that fetch Forests, specifically Binding the Old Gods. Although players can still fetch basic Forest cards with Binding the Old Gods, it seems to be impossible to fetch the Triome cards such as Zagoth Triome– something which is critically important to Sultai Ultimatum decks for color fixing.

Wizards of the Coast customer support has acknowledged this bug as of this morning and says they are working on a solution:

Additionally, several players have reported that the card Paladin Class is currently not working as printed. The third level of Paladin Class reads “target attacking creature gets +1/+1 for each other attacking creature you control.” However, as of the writing of this article, the ability gives +1/+1 for each attacking creature including the targeted creature. This is a fairly small difference, but there are definitely game states where an extra +1/+1 can be a big deal.

An unintended shaking effect is made when casting certain spells or playing permanents as well:

Unfortunately, an issue that is potentially much more significant has just surfaced- a Reddit post appeared this afternoon from a member of the MTGA Assistant team claiming that a part of the Detailed Logs crucial for deck tracking services has been removed from the client.

We will have to wait to hear from Wizards of the Coast to know for sure if this is a bug or a feature that was intentionally removed from the client- as of the time of writing, the only official response I could find was a brief comment on the MTGA official Discord:

There’s no question that removing support for third party deck trackers would be a huge blow for many, and it seems unlikely that this was done on purpose, especially given the developer’s response. Either way, the results are the same- third party services do not seem to be working, which has caused problems for day 1 streamers as well as regular players wishing to track the winrates of their new brews.

Bugs and technical issues are nothing new to Arena, but the development team is usually pretty good at responding to complaints and fixing issues in a fairly timely manner. In the meantime, full patch notes for today’s update can be found on the official Arena support page.

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