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Announcing: MTG Arena Zone Community Tournament (Cash Prizes)!

Hello everyone! In an effort to grow our loving community and expand our offerings, we will be holding a Standard tournament this weekend with $500 USD in prizes. We’ve had similar free-to-enter tournaments in the past with success, so we thought we’d give back by returning them in full force in 2022! This is a trial to see how much of our members are interested in participating in fun, but competitive tournaments. We hope to see you there – all details are below!

How do I enter the tournament?

  • We are opening up registrations to all of our active Premium members.
  • Use the embedded form below (here is a direct link if you cannot see it) to enter your email address associated with your MTG Melee account and your MTG Arena Zone Premium account – ideally, they both should be the same.
  • We will then send you an invite to the tournament once we verify your Premium status!
  • There is a limited number of spots available, so lock in your spot early.

What is MTG Arena Zone Premium and how do I join it?

MTG Arena Zone Premium

Premium is MTG Arena Zone’s subscription service, allowing you to support us and browse the website completely ad free and gain access to exclusive content.

We plan to engage and expand our community in 2022 (which we will be making a further announcement soon), which is why we decided to run this Premium-only tournament for the first time and gauge everybody’s response – current and new members alike!

We highly encourage you to join our Discord to keep up to date on all the news.

What are the prizes of the tournament?

For this tournament, we are trialing a $500 USD prize pool:

  • 1st: $200
  • 2nd: $100
  • 3rd-4th: $50
  • 5th-8th: $25

Users will be paid via PayPal within a week of the tournament conclusion.

What format is the tournament?

Format will be best of three Standard.

When is the tournament?

The tournament will be held on Saturday 9 AM Pacific Time. The tournament page on MTG Melee will display your local time.

How many rounds are there and how long is the tournament?

The number of rounds will depend on the number of entries according to the Magic Competitive Rules, with a top 8 cut off.

Will you be holding more tournaments?

Yes! In case you missed it, we are currently running regular paid entry tournaments – the MTG Arena Zone Championship Series. The first season is due to end in March, and we will be making a further announcement for the second season soon.

Currently, these are two separate initiatives that we may or may not merge together depending on demand.


  1. Sign up for MTG Arena Zone Premium
  2. Sign up for MTG Melee
  3. Send us your email address using the form above so we can verify your Premium status and you will be sent an invite to the tournament
  4. Join the DotGG Tournament Discord (optional: Join the MTG Arena Zone Discord)
  5. Bookmark the MTG Melee Tournament Page (optional: Follow us on MTG Melee to be kept up to date on more tournaments)
  6. Enjoy!

Any further questions can be left on our Discord or the comments below. See you there!

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