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Daily Deals November 26 2020

Daily Deals November 26, 2020: Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving in United States, and to celebrate this occasion MTG Arena has an appropriately themed (and decently discounted) Daily Deals today. The cosmetics on offer will fit perfectly into your existing Food decks!

ItemPrice (Gems)Price (Gold)Discount
Feast Sleeve300150050%
Feasting Troll King Card Style10050090%
Collected Company Card Style10050090%
Call to the Feast Card Style6030090%
Turn into a Pumpkin Card Style6030090%
Giant's Skewer Card Style4020090%
Bake into a Pie Card Style4020090%

The Feast Sleeve features an unique unused art (possibly for a Food Token?), and the two Rare Card Styles are for cards that already see decent play in Standard and Historic respectively.

We don’t normally make Daily Deals posts, but we thought today’s ones were special enough to share. If you’d like us to announce future Daily Deals, let us know in the comments below!

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