Deck of the Day – Orzhov Prince Discard by Kyler Star (RatsRelyk)


We are back with Deck of the Day, and here is a off meta deck archetype on the radar of some players – Orzhov Discard! Here we share Kyler Star’s (RatsRelyk) take on the deck below. He will be streaming it on Monday and Tuesday this week on his Twitch channel.

Greetings friends! I have a sweet mid-range deck for you today showcasing a card that has seen little play since its printing: Charming Prince.

This Orzhov deck looks to leverage a value engine that revolves around Basilica Bell-Haunt and Midnight Reaper. The game plan is to stall aggressive decks into the mid game where Cavalier of Dusk can take over. The many creatures help fuel Midnight Reaper and Command the Dreadhorde. Rankle, Master of Pranks provides aerial pressure against slower decks. The flexibility of Charming Prince is in full use here. Generally, on turn 2 you want to Scry 2 to set up your land drops even when facing an aggressive deck. A late game Prince can ‘bounce’ your Bell-Haunt or Cavalier for extra value.

This deck is built with the current meta in mind, most common decks being Rakdos/Mardu/Gruul Aggro, Jund Sacrifice, Simic/Izzet Flash, Jeskai Fires, and Selesnya/Golgari Adventures. I work continuously to build decks that fight the current meta. Check out some of my other decks on Twitch.

This deck is built with Bo3 in mind but can easily be adapted for Bo1 play. If you plan to take this into Bo1 I would recommend putting 1 Finale of Eternity for 1 Command the Dreadhorde and you can reach out and chat more about meta-game deckbuilding through Twitter or in my Discord.

Happy Brewing! – Kyler

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