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Fandom Legends Week 24 Standard 2020 Decklists


The format for this week’s Fandom Legends tournament was also Standard 2020 and we have 16 strong players vying for the top prize in this weekly event. It has only been a few days since the Twitch Rivals event, where the format was also Standard 2020 with a larger pool of 40 players and it has shown the meta can be diverse.

Martin Juza took first place with his Rakdos Aggro deck, following his second place ranking in the Twitch Rivals tournament with a similar list. Temur Reclamation and Feather lists were also popular for this event. Make sure to check them all out below!

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Player NameDecklist
Martin JuzaRakdos Aggro
UrlichTemur Reclamation
Brad NelsonBoros Feather
Seth ManfieldBoros Feather
Huey JensenBoros Feather
Brian Braun-DruinEsper Citadel Hero
CovertGoBlueEsper Citadel Hero
AnnamaeGolos Gates
Carlos RomaoTemur Reclamation
Jim DavisTemur Reclamation
Craig MackSimic Flash
KanisterMTGRakdos Aristocrats
Andrea MengucciJeskai Control
LewkMTGOrzhov Aggro
John RolfJeskai Superfriends
ConanhawkNaya Feather

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Source: Fandom Legends September 19, 2019

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