Kenrith. the Returned King Art by Kieran Yanner

All Throne of Eldraine Cards Revealed

The last of Throne of Eldraine cards have been now revealed and added to our card database – though they are just mostly commons as we had all the Mythic Rares and Rares revealed yesterday. If you have been keeping up with the spoilers, you can easily see what cards have been added by sorting the cards by new!

View all Throne of Eldraine spoilers here!

From the new cards revealed today, there aren’t any cards too noteworthy to mention but there are some interesting inclusions:

  • Didn’t Say Please: Great card name.
  • Fling: Thud is going, but Fling is just a better alternative due to it being instant. We welcome its return to Standard!
  • Kenrith’s Transformation: Our fourth Story Spotlight card.
  • Crashing Drawbridge: Looks like a fun card to build around.
  • Weapon Rack: Great card in flavor, and perhaps in limited too.

With that being said, here is the breakdown of the cards in the set:

With the Throne of Eldraine previews now finished, we are now ready to brew some new Standard decks, as well as review the limited format. We will of course be covering all these topics with guides and much more, so keep your bookmarks at MTG Arena Zone and we won’t let you down!

For all Throne of Eldraine related content from now until the release and beyond – you can view our Throne of Eldraine Set Guide to see them all consolidated in one article (still work in progress, we’re just waiting for a few more details to come out).

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