Hooglandia Open 3 Historic Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

218 players have registered to play some Historic for the third Hooglandia Open hosted by Jeff Hoogland! The tournament structure was double elimination consisting of 11 rounds, held on the MTG Melee platform. Here we have the metagame information and the top decklists, but be sure to check out the link for more details if you wish to participate in the next month’s event and more decklists.



The tournament metagame was dominated by the new Historic Jeskai Lukka and Naya Winota, which looks like it translated well from Standard. Each deck is built quite differently however, so it is worth checking out all the variations. Below that, there is still a large variety of deck archetypes available in Historic that can be explored further.

Name# of Decks% of FieldWin%Pre-SB Win%Post-SB Win%
Jeskai Lukka Fires2812.844%55.8621%46.087%62.2857%
Naya Winota2611.9266%70.0306%69.2308%70.5584%
Jeskai Turns94.1284%45.3333%44.8276%45.6522%
Mono-U Tempo94.1284%54.2553%62.1622%49.1228%
Jeskai Tempo83.6697%45.0704%42.3077%46.6667%
Mono-G Ramp73.211%51.4706%59.2593%46.3415%
Gruul Aggro73.211%44.4444%41.6667%46.1538%
Jund Lurrus52.2936%58.2278%62.069%56%
Mono-R Aggro52.2936%45.2381%52.9412%40%
Azorius Tempo (Lurrus)52.2936%37.1429%42.8571%33.3333%
Azorius Artifacts41.8349%36.6667%30.7692%41.1765%
Temur Golos41.8349%60%68.1818%54.5455%
Sultai Lands31.3761%35%33.3333%36.3636%
Bant Nexus31.3761%31.5789%28.5714%33.3333%
Mardu Humans31.3761%50%50%50%
Grixis Aggro31.3761%40%25%50%
Mono-W Soul Sisters31.3761%58.6207%57.1429%60%
Simic Nexus31.3761%60%56.25%62.5%
Bant Ramp20.9174%0%0%0%
Izzet Phoenix20.9174%40%33.3333%44.4444%
Four-color Reanimator20.9174%47.3684%42.8571%50%
Sultai Control20.9174%58.3333%70%50%
Izzet Tempo20.9174%35.7143%33.3333%37.5%
Jund Combo20.9174%14.2857%33.3333%0%
Esper Hero20.9174%33.3333%33.3333%33.3333%
Simic Ramp20.9174%43.75%33.3333%50%
Four-color Humans20.9174%45.4545%50%42.8571%
Four-color Yorion20.9174%43.75%33.3333%50%
Simic Merfolk20.9174%40%50%33.3333%
Kethis Combo20.9174%52.9412%57.1429%50%
Sultai Flash20.9174%42.1053%28.5714%50%
Golgari Midrange20.9174%20%20%20%
Breach Combo20.9174%27.2727%20%33.3333%
Five-color Golos20.9174%47.3684%50%45.4545%
Naya Feather20.9174%47.3684%71.4286%33.3333%
Bant Jegantha10.4587%37.5%33.3333%40%
Golgari Reanimator10.4587%0%0%0%
Esper Humans10.4587%0%0%0%
Sultai Affinity10.4587%37.5%33.3333%40%
Temur Storm10.4587%37.5%66.6667%20%
Mardu Reanimator10.4587%37.5%33.3333%40%
Gruul Dinosaurs10.4587%33.3333%25%40%
Sultai Midrange10.4587%20%0%33.3333%
Sultai Artifacts10.4587%20%50%0%
Jeskai Combo10.4587%20%50%0%
Azorius Control10.4587%20%0%33.3333%
Five-color Niv Mizzet10.4587%28.5714%33.3333%25%
Temur Reclamation10.4587%0%0%0%
Sultai Planeswalkers10.4587%20%0%33.3333%
Abzan Reanimator10.4587%33.3333%50%25%
Temur Fires10.4587%33.3333%50%25%
Rakdos Sacrifice (Lurrus)10.4587%20%50%0%
Orzhov Vampires10.4587%33.3333%100%0%
Bant Scapeshift10.4587%37.5%66.6667%20%
Esper Yorion10.4587%40%25%50%
Rakdos Midrange10.4587%40%25%50%
Mono-W Affinity10.4587%50%50%50%
Rakdos Devotion10.4587%50%60%44.4444%
Jeskai Control10.4587%58.3333%80%42.8571%
Treasure Flare10.4587%53.8462%60%50%
Esper Midrange10.4587%54.5455%25%71.4286%
Rakdos Titan10.4587%55.5556%50%60%
Grixis Dredge10.4587%57.1429%66.6667%50%
Grixis Lurrus10.4587%58.3333%60%57.1429%
Sultai Combo10.4587%60%83.3333%44.4444%
Sultai Umori10.4587%60%57.1429%61.5385%
Boros Tempo10.4587%62.5%42.8571%77.7778%
Izzet Aggro10.4587%66.6667%80%57.1429%
Five-color Jegantha10.4587%50%25%66.6667%
Four-color Fires10.4587%45.4545%50%42.8571%
Mono-U Aggro10.4587%45.4545%50%42.8571%
Rakdos Zombies10.4587%45.4545%0%71.4286%
Jeskai Feather10.4587%42.8571%33.3333%50%
Temur Elementals10.4587%42.8571%33.3333%50%
Dimir Tempo10.4587%42.8571%66.6667%25%
Bant Yorion10.4587%42.8571%66.6667%25%
Boros Cycling10.4587%42.8571%66.6667%25%
Sultai Reanimator10.4587%42.8571%66.6667%25%
Boros Knights10.4587%42.8571%66.6667%25%
Esper Control10.4587%42.8571%50%37.5%
Five-color Lands10.4587%44.4444%33.3333%50%
Temur Adventures10.4587%44.4444%66.6667%33.3333%
Five-color Gods10.4587%45.4545%50%42.8571%
Gruul Obosh10.4587%68.9655%72.7273%66.6667%


Congratulations to Zach G for taking down the tournament with Naya Winota! Below we’ve added all decks that went 6 wins or better, as well as some unique decks below that threshold (otherwise there would just be more Jeskai Lukka and Naya Winota decks).



Welcome to MTG Arena Zone!

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1 month ago

Thanks for the decks as well as adding some more unique decks even if they didn’t place that high. But man, this looks dire for someone like me wanting to escape the standard meta. Hopefully the play queue will be more diverse even if ranked turns into standard version 2.

Action Jeezus!
Action Jeezus!
1 month ago

Based on on my experience trying to play non meta decks in the standard play que, we are fucked my friend.