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How to Play MTG Arena From Your Phone or Tablet

That’s right, you can play MTG Arena from your phone or tablet! The game’s not officially available on those platforms, but we don’t need to let that stop us. I’ve found an option that is quick to set up and does the job almost as well as having the real thing on your phone. I’ve been playing games of Magic from my phone when I’m out of the house and have some spare time, and I can’t tell you how much I love having this option. All you have to do is install Chrome Remote Desktop on your home PC and download the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your Phone or Tablet, and you are ready to play Arena on your mobile. I’ll walk you through the very easy-to-follow steps below.

Go to this link:

Chrome Remote Desktop Installation

Click the arrow to install the Remote Desktop Host Chrome Extension. 

Chrome Remote Desktop Remote Access

This’ll open a window to Chrome Extensions, click “Add to Chrome”.

Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

You’ll be asked to name your computer. Desktop, Laptop, Home, Work Computer etc

Chrome Remote Desktop Setup - Name

It’ll ask you to pick a PIN that you’ll use to access your computer from the app on your phone:

Chrome Remote Desktop Setup - PIN

All you have to do now is download the Remote Desktop App for your mobile device.



Now you can open your app on your phone and log in with the same Google account as you used for Chrome on your computer. Select your computer, enter your password and you’re now ready to climb to the #1 Mythic spot and claim your rightful place among the elite grinders of Arena!

Some tips for getting off the ground:

  • If you click on the bottom of the screen, the computer will left click or right click, depending on the side of the screen you clicked on. I’ve found some of Arena’s buttons to be difficult to push at times, so if you run into this problem then you can change your mouse arrow to a touch screen option at the top of the app, and then button clicking becomes a breeze. You may want to change back at times, as the mouse function works great for dragging and dropping cards onto the field, and for passing the turn. 
  • You can obviously use any remote access software to make this set up work; I just found Chrome to be the easiest to use.

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