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Theros Beyond Death Nyx Lands

How to Unlock Theros Beyond Death Nyx Lands

Theros Beyond Death has 15 new Basic Lands, comprising of 5 of the special full art Nyx lands and 2 of each of the normal bordered lands that usually come with each set release. All illustrated by Sam Burley, they are one of the most unique looking Basic Lands you can use on MTG Arena that also somewhat resemble the Pokemon Energy cards!

As of the February 11, 2020 patch, they were available for purchase as a bundle for 3000 Gold each from the in-game Store. Since then, these lands have not been available but still sought after by many players. There is currently only one way of obtaining these lands – albeit in a limited manner.

Here’s a brief backstory: When the expansion was first released, you could obtain three of the Nyx Lands in MTG Arena by purchasing the paper Ashiok (Island and Swamp) and Elspeth (Plains) Planeswalker Decks and redeeming the code for the deck inside. This was actually unintentional by Wizards or not (because the decks themselves do not come with these lands) and was fixed in a later patch.

Since then, Wizards have rolled back this fix due to players requests and now redeeming the code will grant the lands associated with the deck again. The codes for all the cards contained in the deck and the associated Nyx Lands (Island and Swamp for Ashiok, Plains for Elspeth) can be obtained by purchasing the physical product or the code itself directly from Gray Viking Games:

Note that the codes are in limited supply because of their popularity! If other avenues open up to obtaining the rest of these special lands at a later date, we will update this guide accordingly.


Theros Beyond Death Nyx Lands - Screenshot

Land Export Codes

For your reference, here are the MTG Arena export codes for the Basic Lands of Theros Beyond Death. You can import them on the client and see what they look like in-game.

1 Plains (THB) 250
1 Plains (THB) 278
1 Plains (THB) 279
1 Island (THB) 251
1 Island (THB) 280
1 Island (THB) 281
1 Swamp (THB) 252
1 Swamp (THB) 282
1 Swamp (THB) 283
1 Mountain (THB) 253
1 Mountain (THB) 284
1 Mountain (THB) 285
1 Forest (THB) 254
1 Forest (THB) 286
1 Forest (THB) 287

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