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A patch was silently released yesterday (we missed the news – sorry about that!) that fixed the issue with players not having access to the normal bordered Theros Beyond Death Basic Lands and updates to the draft bots. Players were also able to redeem the special Nyx Basic Lands using the codes from the Planeswalker Decks until now, but it looks like it was an unintentional error and it will no longer be possible to do so.

JAN 30 –

  • All players should have access to Theros Beyond Death basic lands
    • Note: This only refers to the regular basic lands. The Nyx basic lands will be available to all players at a later date.
    • If you do not see the Theros Beyond Death basic lands in your collection, please contact support for further assistance.
  • Players who redeem codes from the Ashiok and/or Elspeth Planeswalker decks no longer incorrectly receive Nyx basic lands as part of the in-game deck.
    • Note: Developer error in their favor; players who incorrectly received the Nyx basic lands will still have them in their collection.
  • Various updates to the Theros Beyond Death draft bots.

This was a data only deployment. There is no downtime associated with this patch, and no update is required.


  • The Theros Mastery System incorrectly shows a Ranked Draft Entry as part of the Level 30 Mastery Pass reward. Players receive a Traditional Draft (best-of-three) Draft Entry.
Source: JAN 30 – Patch Notes

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