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Top Mythic Ladder Decks – January 2020 Season – Week 4


It is now the final day of the January 2020 ranked ladder season, and the final qualifying month for February’s Mythic Point Challenge for players who finish top 1200. The best Standard decks are getting more set in stone day by day, thanks to the wealth of information being shared daily. This is despite the lack of premier tournaments so far, with the next one still two weeks away – the annual World Championship tournament (make sure to pick your player for MTG Arena rewards!). The best 16 players in the world will be competing for a massive prize pool, and no doubt decks from there will penetrate the metagame.

So far, Mono Red Aggro and Temur Reclamation are enjoying a surge in popularity over the past week. Other decks like Azorius Control and Simic Ramp are also enjoying their time in the spotlight, and the old favorite Jund Sacrifice is still a force to be reckoned with on the ladder. We will then move to the new season Theros Beyond Death Season 1 tomorrow, where it is expected to be much more competitive and harder to reach the top 1200. This is because it will be the final chance to qualify for the second and final Ikoria Mythic Qualifier in March.

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Bant Adventures by BradnBougee – 96% Mythic – Theros Beyond Death Standard

Bant Adventures showed a spark of success just before Theros Beyond Death was released. This midrange deck introduces the new Dream Trawler and Elspeth Conquers Death into the mix, making it more powerful in the late game and being less reliant on the Adventure mechanic.

BO1 Rakdos Sacrifice by Jimmyd1717 – #249 Mythic – Theros Beyond Death Standard

This particular deck represented itself in Untapped.gg's meta snapshot as one of the top BO1 decks. It utilizes a full playset of Dreadhorde Butcher and Woe Strider. Source: Twitter

Jeskai Glory Fires by JdoubleR2 – #1 Mythic – Theros Beyond Death Standard

This is a deck that JdoubleR2 finished at number one of the January 2020 ranked season. It features Chance for Glory to end the game quickly and even a copy of Ilharg, the Raze-Boar. Source: Twitter

Mono Red Aggro by markgabriele – #50 Mythic – Theros Beyond Death Standard

This version of Mono Red uses the full playset of the new Theros cards - Anax, Hardened in the Forge and Phoenix of Ash in the main deck. The black is splashed for the Spectacle cost of Rix Maadi Reveler. Includes a full sideboard guide

Temur Reclamation by crokeyz – #5 Mythic – Theros Beyond Death Standard

Streamer crokeyz's edition of Temur Reclamation. Its main point of difference is two copies of Nissa, Who Shakes the World and Hydroid Krasis to make use of excess mana. Source: Twitter

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