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Ikoria Key Dates Announcement – Paper Release Delayed & New Book Release

Ikoria Key Dates

  • April 2nd: Previews Start
  • April 10th: Full Card Image Gallery
  • April 16th: Ikoria Release on MTG Arena & MTGO
  • April 17th: Ikoria Tabletop Release Asia-Pacific
  • May 15th: Ikoria Tabletop Release North America/Europe/South America

Wizards has made some changes to the Ikoria Release Schedule, including a significant delay to the paper release in response to COVID-19. See the full announcement here. The line “We will continue to monitor these updates and update them as necessary” indicates we could see further pushbacks.

Luckily Arena and MTGO releases are unburdened and spoiler season begins on April 2nd, so mark that date on your calendar!

Sundered Bond

The Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths – Sundered Bond Ebook is also now available for preorder! Django Wexler is the author of The Gathering Storm, among other works, the well-loved prequel novella to the War of the Spark saga. Read the full announcement here.

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