Ikoria Mastery

The contents of the Ikoria Mastery system has just been published, which will run from April 16 to June 25 (when Core Set 2021 is released). We note that the overall rewards have been reduced with this set, taking into account the same price of the Mastery Pass (3,400 gems) and shorter time between the next set. Remember that the Ikoria Mastery Pass is part of the preorder Lukka Play Bundle. Here’s a comparison table from the three Mastery systems so far:

Eldraine MasteryTheros MasteryIkoria Mastery
Duration121 days84 days71 days
Mastery Pass levels1109080
Free levels927860
Free packs46 + Renewal Rewards3930
Gold100004000 + Traditional Draft Token (worth 1500 gems)4000 + Ranked Draft Token (worth 750 gems)

Considering the value was reduced slightly in Theros, this is a further reduction (about 15% as calculated by Aitch-Kay on reddit). It is also strange how we are not getting 1 pack every 2 levels as it has been the case for the past two sets. This page will be updated with the latest information as we find out more closer to the set release.

Ikoria Mastery XP

  • Use the Mastery Calculator to predict what your final level will be.
  • There are a total of 80 levels available in Ikoria Mastery with each level up requiring 1000 XP. Rewards end at level 60 for players without the Ikoria Mastery Pass.
  • XP and Orbs from the previous Mastery are not transferred to this one, nor to the next Ikoria Mastery.
  • Players earn Mastery XP via playing the game regularly for a daily total of slightly over 1000 XP and a total of 7250 XP per week:
    • 500 XP from Daily Quests per day
    • 3750 XP from 15 Weekly Wins per week (250 XP per win)
    • Up to 250 XP from 10 Daily Wins per day (25 XP per win)
    • Note: Weekly Wins and Daily Quests counter are reset (15 wins and 3 quests) upon arrival of the new Mastery.
  • 10 extra levels were part of the preorder Lukka Play Bundle purchase.
  • Codes: To be announced. Use codes LevelUp and BroughtBack for 2000 XP each if you have not used them from the previous season.
  • Events: To be announced.

Ikoria Mastery Pass

When you purchase the Ikoria Mastery Pass you can also earn the following, based on your Set Mastery Level.


The creatures on Ikoria are evolutionary aggressive, extremely adaptable, and in some cases. . . absolutely adorable. Instead of unlocking “rarities” as we have previously done, the Ikoria Set Mastery will allow you to change your pet into various mutations: 


  • Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast Avatar


  • Greatshark Basic Sleeve
  • 25 card styles
  • 25 Mastery Orbs (each can be redeemed for card styles on the Ikoria Mastery Tree)
  • 10 mythic rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)
  • 20 booster packs (x4 GRN, x4 RNA, x2 WAR, x3 M20, x3 ELD, x3 THB)
  • 4 Additional Cub Mutations
  • Level 70 Exquisite Sleeve (Exquisite = Card Sleeve with VFX)
  • Level 80 and Beyond: Uncommon ICR (1:20 Upgrade Rate)


  • 4,000 Gold
  • 800 Gems


  • Draft Token

Ikoria Mastery Reward Track

Below are the distribution of rewards you get for each Mastery level you progress. All players have access to the standard Mastery rewards on the second column up to level 60. The Mastery Pass must be purchased to get rewards from the second column and they can be earned retroactively.

All players receive the following, based on their Set Mastery Level: 

  • Up to 25 Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths booster packs
  • Up to 5 Ikoria Mastery Orbs (each can be redeemed for card styles on the Ikoria Mastery Tree)

The distribution of the Ikoria Mastery is yet to be published.

Ikoria Mastery Tree


The details of the card styles from the Ikoria Mastery Tree is yet to be published.

Mastery System FAQ


What is the Mastery System?

The Mastery System is a way for players to earn experience and unlock rewards by playingMagic: The Gathering Arena.

What’s the difference between “Account Mastery” and “Set Mastery”?

Set Mastery is a system specific to each new Standard set on Magic: The Gathering Arena. Players earn XP through play, and as they level up will receive rewards based on their current level. Account Mastery was a previously part of the new player experience as a way for players to unlock all 15 starter decks, as well as various upgrades and cosmetics. This systemw as replaced in March 2020 with Color Challenges.

Does the Mastery System cost anything?

All players receive access to the base Set Mastery at no additional cost. Players can unlock Set Mastery rewards by purchasing a Mastery Pass.

Does the Mastery System ever reset?

Your Set Mastery level and rewards will reset with the release of every new Standard set on MTG Arena.


How long is each Set Mastery available?

Set Masteries are available for the most recent Standard set, starting on the day the set is released and ending when the next set is released.

How do I earn rewards?

By play! Every time you complete a quest, or earn one of your weekly wins in a support format (up to 15 each week), you’ll receive experience points towards your current Mastery level. Additional XP may be available through special events or promotional items (such as codes). As you level up, you’ll receive rewards based on your current level.

What rewards can I earn?

All players can earn booster packs and a limited number of Mastery Orbs to unlock certain card styles. Additional rewards are available for players who have purchased a Mastery Pass.

What happens when a new set is released on MTG Arena?

When a new set is released on MTG Arena, a new Set Mastery reward track becomes available and your Set Mastery level is reset to 1.

Can I complete older Set Masteries?

There is currently no plans to allow players to complete Set Masteries for older sets. While you will keep any rewards you may have received from the previous Set Mastery, you will not be able to unlock any remaining rewards once the Set Mastery is no longer available.


What is the “Mastery Pass”? How is different than the Mastery System?

While all players have access to the base Mastery System, the Mastery Pass is an optional way for players to earn additional rewards through Set Mastery.

How much does the Mastery Pass cost?

The Mastery Pass can be purchased for 3,400 gems. Players can earn gems through rewards in certain events, or by purchasing them directly from the store.

What do I receive when I purchase the Ikoria Mastery Pass?

All players who purchase the Ikoria Mastery Pass will automatically receive the Regal Cub pet, as well as the Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast Avatar and Greatshark Basic Sleeve. Additionally, you will receive all the Mastery Pass rewards based on your current level, including any rewards from earlier levels you have not received.

If I purchased the Ikoria Mastery Pass, what happens when a new Set Mastery is released?

Each Mastery Pass is tied to a specific Set Mastery. Once a new Set Mastery is released, the older set (and its corresponding Mastery Pass) will no longer be available.

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