Insight Esports Presents Tier 1 $5,000 Standard Open #2

Insight Esports Presents: Tier 1 $5,000 Standard Open #2 Top 8 Decklists and Metagame

Today we saw a large open event featuring 240 players – even pro players to streamers – to compete in the tournament series hosted by Insight Esports! The format was Standard, and with a $15 entry fee and a $5,000 prize pool the stakes were higher than usual but we still saw a good variety of decks with a new set on the horizon. Check out the full information on MTG Melee:

Insight Esports Presents: Tier 1 $5,000 Standard Open #2

Welcome to the Tier 1 Open presented by Insight Esports!

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Tier 1 $5,000 Standard Open

Date: April 3rd, 2021

Time: 10 AM PST

Entry Fee: $15 + MTG Melee Fee

Format: Standard (Best Of Three)

Rounds: Swiss + Top 8 (Number of rounds based on participants.)

Prize Pool

1st: $2,000 USD

2nd: $1,000 USD

3rd-4th: $400 USD

5th-8th: $200 USD

9th-16th: $50 USD

Please find the top 8 decklists and the top 10 archetypes from the metagame below.


Archetype# of Decks% of Field% Win Rate
Mono-Red Aggro ❄3112.9167%52.7607%
Temur Adventures (Obosh)2912.0833%52.381%
Sultai Ramp (Yorion)239.5833%55%
Dimir Rogues (Lurrus)239.5833%49.0566%
Sultai Control (Yorion)177.0833%50%
Temur Adventures145.8333%54.4118%
Mono-White Aggro ❄️114.5833%39.2157%
Gruul Adventures93.75%59.6491%
Naya Adventures83.3333%35.7143%
Naya Fury72.9167%47.2222%


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