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Introducing Prometa to the DotGG Network for Meta Stats, Data, Analytics, and Tools!

Just in a blink of an eye, 2022 is almost over! We update everybody on the introduction of a new division called Prometa, as well as general updates to MTG Arena Zone.

The DotGG Network, which MTG Arena Zone is a part of, is proud to announce the introduction of a new division called Prometa! We believe this next step to be a natural and essential evolution to our rapidly growing team and we’re excited to tell you all about it in this press release.

We will break down the details relevant for MTG Arena Zone, what it all means for us going forward here, as well as a general update for 2022 and 2023. For more information, check out the press releases on our network communities:

What is Prometa?


Prometa is the new name being branded for our newest division, that will be specializing in meta stats, data, analytics, trackers, and tools for the games that we love. As we continue to create content for our valued communities, we found that making use of data to compliment our experience and expertise will be crucial going forward.

Our existing team will be working with the Prometa team to enhance, create, and deliver the best products for our communities for a long time to come! As part of the new transition, DotGG will be taking over operations and development of the following (and other unannounced) projects, headed by their creator Razviar:

What is was one of the first third party tracker tools developed for MTG Arena. You can check out its wealth of features though the tour:

What does this mean for MTG Arena Zone?

The team here at MTG Arena Zone will be working actively to completely overhaul and integrate the project in the coming months and we’ll have more information on this soon as we prepare for its relaunch. We’re looking to work on a tonne of things, including, but not limited to:

  • Provide data and stats relevant to MTG Arena
  • Improve our metagame sections in conjunction with MTG Meta tournament data and stats
  • Enhance existing and future content such as articles, videos, and podcasts with the PlayX Network team
  • Provide users a superior way to view and share content and their profiles more effectively and intuitively

In the meantime, check out the tracker and provide us with some feedback or features you’d like to see on Discord!

MTG Arena Zone Update for 2022 and 2023

The Brothers’ War is upon us on November 15, 2022 and we’d like to make a much overdue update on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes on MTG Arena Zone.

First, we’re looking to grow our Premium content and community! We always want you to stay ahead of the pack with our exclusive deck builds and guides, from the best players! You may have already seen articles from:

Furthermore, we will be sharing Premium content from the PlayX Network (Playing MTG) team where the formats are relevant, so wherever you choose to support you can check out content on either communities as an extra.

As the PlayX Network team focuses primarily on Magic Online and tabletop Magic, we’ll look to make our content specifically back to focus solely on MTG Arena. That means less fluff, and just information pertaining to MTG Arena only. You may have also seen our new team members:

  • ImNotFine: We will begin coverage of Historic Brawl, and will be announcing our sponsored league soon!
  • INickStrad: We will look to further cover in-depth news and competitive Magic coverage.

In conjunction with our work with Prometa, we hope to continue to be your best source for Magic: The Gathering.

Having said that, we might as well once again plug our latest project, Marvel Snap Zone. The game only launched globally on October 18, and you may find it a great alternative game to enjoy. Of course, our Prometa team will be involved in its continued development also!

Marvel Snap Zone

As always, we thank you for your continued support and feedback!

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